Show and Tell Tuesday

Once Upon a Time . . .

(at Paulette’s house) 😉

a brand new kitten joined the family! They named him, “Jingles” and he immediately stole their hearts.

But who could ever blame them for falling for this little fella?

Months turned into years . . . and Jingles has grown up to be ever so handsome! 😀

Paulette says: “I love all my kitties, but Jingles has so much personality. He really knows how to get to all of us. One of our favorite expressions when referencing Jingles is “he’s putting on the act”. That means, he’s acting adorable, and we all have to run over and smother him with kisses!”

And finally, this last photo has to be my personal favorite. (Yawn, stretch!!!)

Can you say ADORABLE????? (Thank you, Paulette!)


More pictures next Tuesday! If you haven’t already – please consider sending one of your photos, too! Hey, even if you have sent one, we’d love to see anything else you’d like to share!