Friday Favorites – Ornaments

I‘m an ornament-lover from way back . . .

I enjoy collecting them, making them, even just looking at them.

I love working with beads so, for me, these ornaments are like potato chips – it’s hard to eat make just one! 😉

Here are the latest in the batch I made for this year.

I had plans to sew a couple of ornaments and to crochet a few, as well, but time ran out.

I’m going to ask Santa for an extra hour/per day for 2011.

Do you think he’ll deliver? 😉

Have a happy weekend, Kids!

Remember to take deep breaths in the midst of all the rushing around! (Hope I can take my own advice on this. lol)



Gingerbread Girl Pattern


Valentine’s Day will be here in about ten days!

Do you need a small gift for a sweet person in your world? Maybe one of the kids has an extra-special teacher, or you have a wonderful neighbor who gathers your mail when you’re away on vacation?

How about making this little lady and attaching her to a small box of chocolates for a Valentine’s Day surprise?


She’s a gingerbread girl who loves to dance! 🙂

This project is quick and easy! It’s made of felt and scraps of trims/lace/ribbon that you probably have around the house already, if you are a sewer. But if you’re someone who hates to sew – no problem – the directions cover “gluing” the doll, instead! Trina makes a perfect tree ornament too. Maybe you’ll decide to make a few extras for next Christmas!

Gingerbread Girl
©2009 BHEA

Please Note:
This is a decoration only and is not suitable for small children!

Supplies Needed:

9″ by 6″ piece of brown felt
2″ by 2″ piece of red felt
2 small black beads
12″ red embroidery floss
10″ ribbon – 1/8″ wide
10″ ribbon – 1/4″ wide
20″ flat lace – 1-1/4″ wide
15″ decorative trim or braid
small amount of polyfil stuffing
12″ thin gold cord for a hanging loop

For full-size pattern pieces and complete instructions, click the following link:


Have fun experimenting! Dress “Trina” in a different style if you wish. Add a little hat, a feather boa or even some jewelry/bling. You could also make a gingerbread “boy” with a felt vest and bow tie! I’d love to see a picture of your version. 🙂


Christmas Ornaments Part 4


Here’s the 4th and final part in the series on handmade ornaments that my daughters and I have made over the years.

Category 4: Mixed Media


There’s a real smorgasbord of styles and techniques in this group, including applique, embroidery, beading, plastic canvas, general crafts/glueing, and knitting! The icicle, candle, and lollipop were made by my girls when they were in grade school. The mini stocking – one of my favorites in this group – was knit on regular knitting needles, and then transferred to “tiny needles” made from round wooden toothpicks and beads! Notice the little red bird with a strand of the yarn in his beak.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I have enjoyed presenting it. I encourage everyone to make a few Christmas ornaments each year. It’s amazing how quickly your collection will grow! There’s no need to make complicated designs. Simple is always beautiful. Before you know it, you’ll have a “family heirloom” kind of tree!

In case you missed the earlier parts of the series, here’s a quick photo recap . . .

Part 1 Cross Stitch


Part 2 Embroidered Felt


Part 3 Fabric Ornaments


Part 4 Mixed Media


Merry Christmas!


Christmas Ornaments Part 3

Here’s the 3rd part of my handmade ornament series.


“Fabric & Ribbons”

These little characters feature fabrics and embellishments with a Christmas theme! They were whipped up fairly quickly on the sewing machine. Only the little slipper is sewn by hand (It can also be glued . . . click here for the pattern).


In the photo above, in the bottom right corner, there’s a tiny cat wearing a dress. One year when I was making lots of different items for a craft show, I asked my husband if he could cut some cat shapes out of tin for me to dress as ornaments. He kindly obliged and they were a real hit at the show. I’m so glad that I kept one aside for us, though. Now, when we decorate the tree with all of the “handcrafted” ornaments that my daughters and I have made over the years, there’s one that was made by “Papa Bear” too!

Three’s Company . . .


Which one in this category is my favorite, you ask? Well, I guess it would have to be “Humpty”. Love his bow tie, and look at that protective arm he has wrapped around the little angel! Awww . . .

Stay tuned for Part 4: “Mixed Media Ornaments”


Christmas Ornaments Part 1

Do you love Christmas ornaments? Do you like to collect them? Have you ever made ornaments for your tree? I have to answer “yes” to all three questions 🙂


Over the years, I’ve had lots of fun making ornaments. Each year, I’d make a few with the plan that someday I’d have enough to decorate our entire tree with just handcrafted ornaments!

When my daughters were old enough, they began to help me and eventually we had a nice assortment of different styles.

I thought you might like to see them, so I’ve divided them into 4 different categories and I’ll post pictures over the next week.

Today, I’ll start with the “Cross Stitch” Category.


Some I made and some were made by my daughters. Many are dated – I wish we had dated them all, though. Maybe you want to remember to do that!

Here’s a closer view of the top section of the photo!


And a better look at the ones at the bottom . . .


This is one of my favorites!


Luckily, I remembered to date it – 1988.

Yowza! Time does fly when you’re havin’ fun!

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Ornaments in Embroidered Felt.