Must Be Cracking Up

Crystal likes to use magnets on the refrigerator. They hold her shopping list, stray coupons, family photos, business cards, recipes, etc.

Several of the magnets are not holding anything, however. She uses those in a random rotation to signal that the dishes in the dishwasher are clean. Really! 😉

When she turns on the dishwasher – she sticks a magnet on the closed door. After she puts away the clean dishes – she removes the magnet and places it back on the refrigerator. This is not a foolproof system. Sometimes she forgets to put one on… or even worse – take one off. Then, it’s anybody’s guess if the dishes are clean or dirty.

Two years ago, she found this cute little fella on display at a kitchen store.
“How kitchen-y and cute!” she thought. She had to have him.

Mr. Egg has had a home on her fridge ever since. He’s often chosen as the “dishwasher-on” sentry.

Now, seriously, wouldn’t you think that in two years of using him that she would have noticed he’s not just a magnet?

One day, as she was returning him to the fridge, she saw something on the bottom. “Huh? What’s this?” she wondered.

Well, it turned out to be . . . A tape measure!

And how does the tape measure rewind? You push his nose.


The absent-minded professor has nothing on Crystal.
Poor girl! Sometimes it seems as if she’s one sandwich short of a picnic. 😉



The Incredible Everlasting Ink Cartridge

Every so often, we all encounter things that are simply unexplainable.

I’ll bet you can tell a tale or two about an experience you’ve had that left you scratching your head in wonder.

At this moment, it seems as if it’s my turn! 😉

Allow me to explain . . .

Don’t you agree that the cost of printer ink is maddening?

Oh, I know you can have cartridges refilled more economically than buying new ones, and that it’s friendlier for the the environment to do so. In fact, I have friends, who’ve installed systems where large bottles of ink continuously fill the cartridges on their printers. They save a fortune on color ink, in particular.

But, in this instance, I’m just talking about my little workhorse printer, the one I use to print pages and pages in black and white – daily!

Here’s where the “unexplainable” part comes in . . .
You see, many months ago, I bought and installed a new Black Ink cartridge. After what seemed like only several weeks, I got the message that the ink was getting low. Of course, you always get that message fairly quickly – they want you to buy more ink.

Have it ready! they insist.

Anyway, the little ink-status graphic showed my level as very low. Time passed and it began to show as almost empty, and then totally empty.

Well, I’m smart enough to know that “empty” could be far from empty, so you’ll never find me changing that cartridge before the print becomes too light to read. No, Ma’am.

But, here’s the thing. It has been months now, and I’ve been printing like I’m running a daily newspaper! Twenty page document? No problem – plenty of ink!!!

Seriously, I print a lot and that ink is as bright and crisp as ever. (Can someone please cue the theme song from the Twilight Zone?!?)

I’m actually beginning to wonder if I’m in some sort of a fairytale and a little elf is filling the ink while I sleep. 😉

They say that truth is stranger than fiction.

Whoever “they” are, I believe they may be right!




Fun, Inspiration, and PRIZES!

Join the Valentine’s Day Bead Design Challenge!!!

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Coincidence or More

Although I’ve never paid much attention to numerology, I have been aware of number patterns.

From our earliest days together, Sir Beads and I began to notice that the number 2 continually showed up in our lives. Our various apartment numbers, phone numbers, street addresses, license plate numbers, etc. have often seemed to have more than our fair share of 2’s in them. We’ve always chalked it up to coincidence but, at the same time, have been amused by it. And we think it’s uncanny that we often just happen to look at the clock when the time is 2:22!


A couple of weeks ago, Sir Beads stopped at the deli counter on his way home to pick up a couple of things I had requested. He grabbed a ticket and stood in line for service. He smiled to see the number he received and brought it home to show me . . .

Wild, yes?

The very next week, I again asked if he could stop by the supermarket for a rotisserie chicken. (He’s a saint, I tell you!) Imagine our surprise when the ticket machine dispensed the ticket you see below on the right . . .

And notice the date is the 22nd!


Should we be buying lottery tickets? 😉