Coincidence or More

Although I’ve never paid much attention to numerology, I have been aware of number patterns.

From our earliest days together, Sir Beads and I began to notice that the number 2 continually showed up in our lives. Our various apartment numbers, phone numbers, street addresses, license plate numbers, etc. have often seemed to have more than our fair share of 2’s in them. We’ve always chalked it up to coincidence but, at the same time, have been amused by it. And we think it’s uncanny that we often just happen to look at the clock when the time is 2:22!


A couple of weeks ago, Sir Beads stopped at the deli counter on his way home to pick up a couple of things I had requested. He grabbed a ticket and stood in line for service. He smiled to see the number he received and brought it home to show me . . .

Wild, yes?

The very next week, I again asked if he could stop by the supermarket for a rotisserie chicken. (He’s a saint, I tell you!) Imagine our surprise when the ticket machine dispensed the ticket you see below on the right . . .

And notice the date is the 22nd!


Should we be buying lottery tickets? 😉




Coincidence or More — 5 Comments

  1. That is too (2) wild. I don’t recall any certain number showing up in our lives. Maybe I should try paying more attention. I always said, “My lucky number is 16, but I it doesn’t show up like your twos do.”

    Today’s Celebrations:
    5/11 Eat What You Want Day (isn’t this the same as no diet day that we celebrated on the 6th)!
    5/11 Twilight Zone Day (we all have times that we feel alittle off or spacey and today we can celebrate those days)

  2. I don’t have those number coincidences. Susan Elliot, Plays With Needles, has posted in the past about a number that is relevant to her that has some eerie coincidences. The most I can claim is looking at the clock just when it says 10:14 which is my birthday. That’s the best I got. I’ll be interested to here if anyone else has number coincidences. If I were you, Crissie, I’d be playing the lottery in 2s.
    xx, Carol

  3. Hubby’s lucky number is 108. He is a lottery player and has won quite a few times playing that number. He tells everyone (family and friends) about HIS lucky number. So when the number hits, they all call to see if he won. LOL!!

    Crystal, quick. Head to the lottery store. 😀

  4. My husband is interested in numerology but I have not ever studied it. My lucky # is 13. I do like to have a pattern in my horse show numbers, though. (Like 246, 369, 101, etc.) but it is not necessary. I do know several people that prefer an even or odd show number and will ask for a different number if they get the wrong one! Horse show people are superstitious! I will not wear my boot socks again if I have a really bad day. I have several “lucky” pairs!

  5. Hi Allison! 🙂
    How interesting about the horse show numbers and superstitions. I guess people want every little bit of help that’s possible. Baseball players are known for their good luck rituals!

    So glad to hear you are away from the worst flooding in your area!
    (xoxo for Robert!)

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