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Lately, I’m in the middle of a jewelry-making kick . . . sort of a bead binge! lol

I have several things finished and several more in various stages of completion. I’m particularly excited about a bracelet/earring set that I’m working on.


I need to take photos, but the weather is not cooperating – too dreary to highlight the true sparkle of some of my finished items!

For now though, I do have a couple of pairs of earrings to show . . .

This first pair is made with Vintage Swarovski Components – both the crystal beads and the bezel-set drops! The vintage findings are always so elegant. The color here is a warm golden topaz – full of sunshine!

A Drop of Honey

Next, I have these Glass “Bell” Flowers in a pretty shade of Tanzanite Violet/Blue. The over-sized kidney wire hoops allow the earrings to sway gracefully as you move.


Both pairs are currently available in the Bead Happily Ever After web store.


What are you up to this week? 🙂



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  1. Good Morning!
    Crissie your newest creations are just so darned pretty. I really like the bells. Very cute.

    I had to laugh about one of yesterday’s Celebration Days..lone socks. When I wash the boys socks, I just put them in the bushel basket to let them sort and match. Corey mates his, but Ky just throws them in his drawer. He never mates them when he puts them on cause no one sees them and he doesn’t care if his socks match.

    I however, must mate mine. But I buy all the same socks so I am never missing a mate. However, I do have several single gloves that I just know will find a mate someday somewhere.

    Have a great day all.
    xx, Carol

  2. Lovely earrings! The golden topaz ones are more my style but the bluebells are so pretty & fun!!

    This week I am tackling my yard! With all of the rain, it has become a jungle. Yesterday, I did the front, which is never as bad as the back. I moved some shrubs to better areas and planted some azelas to replace the ones that died in the drought last year. Today I am doing the back. Hopefully it will be dried out enough, it slopes down in the backyard and really stays wet a long time after it rains. I need to get tomatoes and cucumbers planted, too. I am really late this year but all the rain has really messed me up. It is supposed to be in the 90’s for the next few days! Summer already!!
    There is a horse show later this week so I will be braiding, too.
    Hope everyone has a good week!

  3. Love your earrings. Love the spacers and all the little extra things you add.

    Can’t wait to see the new bracelet set!!

    I am working on pet placemats.

  4. Went to bed yesterday with a migraine so today, I’m late getting started. It didn’t want to leave.

    I have a bunch of fun stuff this week. Tomorrow I’m having lunch with a friend at our favorite outdoor restaurant, since its in the 70’s its perfect for lunch on the patio.
    Late tomorrow afternoon I’m going to school for a party for all the graduates.
    Thurday is Midwest Meyham a fun celebration at the city museum that I attend every year.
    Friday, is a banquet honoring all the college students who have achieved academic success such as making the Dean’s List, Scholarships, and even the debate team who has won several awards.
    Saturday Kouga and I will be attending blessing of the pets at a church up the street and then Saturday night we have our bowling banquet.

    Today’s celebrations:
    5/10 Clean up Your Room Day
    5/10 National Shrimp Day (One of my favorite dishes is shrimp scampi)

  5. I forgot to leave a comment about how much I like the earrings, I cannot decide which ones I like best. Hopefully, the sun will shine soon, and you can get some great photos of the other projects you are finishing.

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