Shhhh . . . she must be crazy!

It’s easy for me to ask the weekly question…. but you guys have the hard part – you have to answer it!

Believe it or not, I honestly do try to keep that in mind while writing the questions. I never want them to be difficult, or too personal, or too, well, dumb!

Sometimes, I run out of questions – well not really “run out”, but some weeks it’s definitely harder to come up with one!

Can you believe that in the early days of this blog, I used to ask THREE weekly giveaway questions?!? Now that was tough! At the time, my reasoning was that you might not have an answer for a particular question, so I wanted to give you a choice. With a blog, though, it’s live and learn and I soon realized that one question a week was more practical for the long-term.

All of this brings me to my answer for this week’s question:

“Have you ever cried because you were happy?”

Yes, I’ve cried during joyful moments in my life and also in the lives of my family. I can also cry when some form of true beauty assails my senses – for example – while walking on a clear moonlit night as the snow softly falls; or while listening to the heart-melting voices of a children’s’ choir; or even while holding an exquisite little piece of art in my hands.

Of course, I’m not weeping uncontrollably at these times, just brimming with tears, that slowly spill over, turn my nose red, and melt my mascara. 😉

There’s another time that I cry when happy, and it’s turned out to be a bit embarrassing! I’m not sure exactly when it began, but for quite a few years now, I simply cannot select a greeting card at the card store without blubbering!

There I am, in the “birthday for daughter” section, or the “anniversary, to husband” section, and as I begin to read a meaningful verse on a card – I start to get teary! After a few cards, I’m almost sniffling! I rummage around in my purse for a Kleenex – trying to be oh so casual – like I need to blow my nose or something.

By then, I notice people looking all puzzled/concerned to see me dabbing at my eyes. It’s at this point, I really become self-conscious, so I quickly make a decision and move to the register to pay. The last time this happened, as I was leaving the store, I’m sure I heard one of the salesclerks whisper: “Shhhh, she must be crazy!”

(Hope this brought a giggle to your day!) 😀



Eggs-traordinary Keepsakes – Easter Fun

Are you sentimental?

eggsI am and it gets me into trouble sometimes. I find it difficult to let go of anything that reminds me of my family, friends, or just good times. It can be a battle for storage space between the things we need to keep and the things I’d “like” to keep. For example, I have storage boxes with cards/notes, my kids’ school papers, their baby shoes – not only their actual “first shoes”, but their first sandals, first sneakers, first “big girl” slippers – well, you see where I’m going here.

Even though I might be dubbed “overly-sentimental” in some cases, I think many would agree that holiday mementos are nice to save.


Since it will be Easter this Sunday, I brought out some Easter eggs that the kids and I decorated years ago.


It was our first attempt at blowing out the yolks before decorating them. We had read an article on how to do it and were very excited to give it a try. I remember that we poked a small hole on one end and then a slightly larger hole on the other end; inserted a toothpick to break up the yolk a bit, and then began to try what sounded easy in the directions . . . “just blow the yolk into a bowl”.


Hmmm, well it didn’t seem easy! I huffed and puffed and finally did one – but whew!!! It was tough! Next my older daughter tried and she had about the same experience that I did. I began to think we’d only have a few blown-out eggs to decorate – since there was no oxygen tank on hand to revive us. 😉

eggsBut then, up steps my younger daughter to give it a whirl. Incredibly, she does it in seconds!!! We are amazed! She does another and then another – all quick as a wink. She smiles and says that she’ll finish the dozen. Her sister and I look at her in awe. After she finished the 12th egg, she suddenly felt a little queasy – poor kid!!! Luckily, the feeling passed quickly and the three of us had a great time decorating these eggs.


We used plastic sleeves for the middle part of each egg, but we got a bit creative painting and dyeing the “ends” of each egg.

As I say, it was a long time ago. Since then we’ve had a good laugh about how it took the help of the youngest one to get those eggs ready for decorating! They’ve held up well over the years, though. Storing them in an egg carton has probably helped. I do still love to pull them out and be reminded of the fun we had that day. 🙂

Do you have things you just can’t part with?