Shhhh . . . she must be crazy!

It’s easy for me to ask the weekly question…. but you guys have the hard part – you have to answer it!

Believe it or not, I honestly do try to keep that in mind while writing the questions. I never want them to be difficult, or too personal, or too, well, dumb!

Sometimes, I run out of questions – well not really “run out”, but some weeks it’s definitely harder to come up with one!

Can you believe that in the early days of this blog, I used to ask THREE weekly giveaway questions?!? Now that was tough! At the time, my reasoning was that you might not have an answer for a particular question, so I wanted to give you a choice. With a blog, though, it’s live and learn and I soon realized that one question a week was more practical for the long-term.

All of this brings me to my answer for this week’s question:

“Have you ever cried because you were happy?”

Yes, I’ve cried during joyful moments in my life and also in the lives of my family. I can also cry when some form of true beauty assails my senses – for example – while walking on a clear moonlit night as the snow softly falls; or while listening to the heart-melting voices of a children’s’ choir; or even while holding an exquisite little piece of art in my hands.

Of course, I’m not weeping uncontrollably at these times, just brimming with tears, that slowly spill over, turn my nose red, and melt my mascara. 😉

There’s another time that I cry when happy, and it’s turned out to be a bit embarrassing! I’m not sure exactly when it began, but for quite a few years now, I simply cannot select a greeting card at the card store without blubbering!

There I am, in the “birthday for daughter” section, or the “anniversary, to husband” section, and as I begin to read a meaningful verse on a card – I start to get teary! After a few cards, I’m almost sniffling! I rummage around in my purse for a Kleenex – trying to be oh so casual – like I need to blow my nose or something.

By then, I notice people looking all puzzled/concerned to see me dabbing at my eyes. It’s at this point, I really become self-conscious, so I quickly make a decision and move to the register to pay. The last time this happened, as I was leaving the store, I’m sure I heard one of the salesclerks whisper: “Shhhh, she must be crazy!”

(Hope this brought a giggle to your day!) 😀




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  1. NEVER would happen to me!! I NEVER, EVER, buy a mushy card. Nope, its the humorous section for me. As an example, my youngest grandson just turned 13. I went to the humorous section and my eyes fell on a strange card. Picking it up, the whole front was the back side of an elephant. When you open it, the sentiment was “It wouldn’t be a birthday without a big a** card”. If you knew Ky, you would know this was THE perfect card. He is our comedian with the most awesome sense of humor. He loved it.

    Love and affection is commonly shown in our home. Hugs are frequent and “I love you” and “love ya” are frequently spoken. We laugh a lot too. But greeting cards are usually humorous, or hand written rather than Hallmark verses.

    Have a super sunny day!
    xx, Carol

  2. You are too funny – those crazy hormones!!!

    You should ask your readers for suggestions for questions…

    I’ll start: When you were little, what toy did you treasure?

    Mine was a stuffed dog. My brother and I got into a fight and i bent the rails to his train tracks – so he pulled the head off my little dog. Oh we were so mean to each other. But on his sixteenth birthday, he changed. He became nice! We never fought after that.

  3. Gosh Crystal…I’m just the opposite. I gravitate to those hilarious cards that just make me get hysterical laughing…and that’s not a good thing when I’m in the card shop by myself! It’s so embarrassing, but it happens every time! Some of the cards that really get me going, I would never buy, but here’s one of my all time favorites. I bought an extra, because I liked it soooo much!

    It’s from the Marcel Schurman collection, and pictured on the front of the card are two dinosaurs with their mouths wide open, teeth showing, like they’re grinning big dinosaur grins, with the caption “Hey there…remember us?” When you open the card, it says “We used to sit behind you in home room. Happy Birthday!”

    I almost fell down in the store I was laughing so hard, but thank goodness one of my sons was with me that time! Lucky him!!! I’m laughing now as I type this, just remembering … I need a tissue!

    xoxo 😀

  4. I cry at similar times to you, but not because I am happy. I just get choked up with emotion somehow. I cannot hear even part of any sermon, any faith, without starting to cry. It’s absurd. But it’s kind of handy, too: “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t visit your church with you, because I will blubber embarrassingly the whole time.”

    I cry when traveling, too. ANYTHING will make me cry. NUTSO, eh?

    Thank goodness I don’t cry when looking at cards. I USED to, though. Funny ones, too. Now, looking at thousands of cards a week, I have become IMMUNE! Even the Sympathy cards never phase me, though I make sure to keep them extra-neat and clean due to the sad nature of the occasion.

  5. I have never cried over greeting cards but I have laughed. I love the funny cards and that is what I buy most of the time. I make my husband mushy cards for his lunch, and he loves it.
    I like Clenna’s idea about questions from your readers.

  6. well, i have tears in my eyes right now because i’m so happy after reading paulette’s comment to you (okay, i’ve been snooping and eaves-reading, but sometimes i can’t help myself!)……heeheehee

    and i’ll be looking for you at the card counter, with extra tissue in hand, because i cry at them, too……looking for a father’s day card this year was a real fiasco! of course, during this magical time of hormonal change in my life, i’ve been known to cry during dog food commercials, too…..! xoxo, :))

  7. Haha – your story definitely gave me a smile! I don’t buy greeting cards that often, and when I do I usually buy blank ones so I can write my own message, so I don’t run in to your problem. I’m more of a funny card person when I do go for one with a message, but I have found myself standing in the greeting card section for ages (must seem like forever to my husband!) trying to find just the right one! I think he’s happy I made the switch to writing my own messages!

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