Button Button Who’s Got The…

You’ve probably noticed that buttons are everywhere!

These days, they’re not just functional – they’re the “in” item for embellishing anything from clothing to accessories to home décor. While it’s true that collectors have always had an appreciation for them, suddenly they’re stealing the hearts of a whole new crop of fans. Vintage buttons are especially prized! Even the old button molds have been placed back in service to create new buttons that capture some of the charm of their vintage counterparts. Most amazing, though, is the fabulous selection of contemporary buttons available now – all colors, shapes, materials, and styles!


I’m wondering – did you grow up with a button box in your home? Or maybe it was Grandma who had a jar of buttons that you loved to sort through?

My mother (and both grandmothers) had a button box. It contained all of the carefully removed “still good” buttons from worn-out clothing, along with extra buttons from completed sewing projects, and finally the occasional card of new buttons that were purchased simply because they were hard to resist!

Today, I have little collection of buttons – old, new, plain, fancy.

And what serves as the storage container for them?

Why, it’s this pretty tin from a past Valentine’s Day!

(You know how I LOVE Lindt truffles!)

There’s only one problem.

As pretty as those buttons are –

They’re just not as tasty as chocolate! 😉




Button Button Who’s Got The… — 10 Comments

  1. Yep, I’m a button harvestor too! See a button, pick it up, all the day….you’ll be happy! Over the years I have used buttons in lots of different days. I just keep em and when I get an idea, there they are. I have many vintage buttons that friends have passed on to me over the years. I bet some are almost 100 years old. Someday, I’ll pass them on to another button lover, younger than I and hope they will move forward forever.

  2. Oh yeah, all the women in my family had a button box and I still do. My grand kids always ask if they can have some when they do school projects.

  3. My grandmother may have had one, but I don’t remember it. My mom never sewed and neither do I so I don’t have a button box.
    I would rather fill up the Lindt tin with more chocolate, but I can understand how crafters would use them, and some of the old buttons are mini works of art.
    I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. I did because hubs bought me a cute red Harley Davidson shirt and 2 big bars of dark Lindt chocolate.

  4. Hi Clenna!
    White buttons, in graduated sizes, glued on construction paper make cute snowmen! (I know you like to do a project with the grandkids when they visit.) 😀

  5. Wow, Carol!
    I’d LOVE to see the very old buttons if you ever have a chance to take a picture of them!
    Nice to think that they will be passed on through the years! 😀

  6. Love your buttons Crystal, and your button box too…are you sure you’re not hiding a truffle in there somewhere? 😀

    Mom has a button box, and I have one too!

    xoxo Paulette

  7. My grandmother had a button tin and we used to look at them when we visited her. There were some crystal buttons that we used to fight over, we thought they were diamonds!
    My mom also has a button tin, but I keep my spares in a ziplock bag.

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