Button Button Who’s Got The…

You’ve probably noticed that buttons are everywhere!

These days, they’re not just functional – they’re the “in” item for embellishing anything from clothing to accessories to home décor. While it’s true that collectors have always had an appreciation for them, suddenly they’re stealing the hearts of a whole new crop of fans. Vintage buttons are especially prized! Even the old button molds have been placed back in service to create new buttons that capture some of the charm of their vintage counterparts. Most amazing, though, is the fabulous selection of contemporary buttons available now – all colors, shapes, materials, and styles!


I’m wondering – did you grow up with a button box in your home? Or maybe it was Grandma who had a jar of buttons that you loved to sort through?

My mother (and both grandmothers) had a button box. It contained all of the carefully removed “still good” buttons from worn-out clothing, along with extra buttons from completed sewing projects, and finally the occasional card of new buttons that were purchased simply because they were hard to resist!

Today, I have little collection of buttons – old, new, plain, fancy.

And what serves as the storage container for them?

Why, it’s this pretty tin from a past Valentine’s Day!

(You know how I LOVE Lindt truffles!)

There’s only one problem.

As pretty as those buttons are –

They’re just not as tasty as chocolate! 😉



Favorite Red Jelly Beans

pansiestallvaseDo you have something that you’ve kept for years? Something you cherish because it brings back a lovely memory? Maybe it reminds you of someone you loved . . . or of someone who loved you . . .

When I was a kid, little girls wore dresses more often than they do now. Pants were usually just for playing. Wearing dresses to school and to church meant that a dressier coat was needed. A short little jacket wouldn’t be warm enough for bare knees or even legs wearing tights!

Growing up, I had a winter coat and a lighter weight spring coat that were replaced whenever I outgrew them by my grandmother. She made them herself. In fact, she made every coat I ever wore until I was in my teens. She recycled before it was a word in everyday conversation. Sometimes she would even use the best parts of the wool from one of her old coats to make a little coat for me. They were all beautiful. I remember most of them but there were a couple, from when I was very young, that I especially loved.

There was my little blue and white striped spring coat. It was a ribbed silk and it had pretty pink buttons with “diamonds” – at least that what I used to call them! 😉


And then there was the navy wool coat with the little “red jelly beans” for buttons. 😉


The buttons are all that’s left of those coats now, but holding them in my hand brings back a flood of memories of someone I dearly loved . . .

who dearly loved me, too. 😀

What is it that you have saved for a long time?


Special note: The “little girl” greeting card shown above was created by etsy artist: FrenchCountry