Red Jelly Beans

pansiestallvaseDo you have something that you’ve kept for years? Something you cherish because it brings back a lovely memory? Maybe it reminds you of someone you loved . . . or of someone who loved you . . .

When I was a kid, little girls wore dresses more often than they do now. Pants were usually just for playing. Wearing dresses to school and to church meant that a dressier coat was needed. A short little jacket wouldn’t be warm enough for bare knees or even legs wearing tights!

Growing up, I had a winter coat and a lighter weight spring coat that were replaced whenever I outgrew them by my grandmother. She made them herself. In fact, she made every coat I ever wore until I was in my teens. She recycled before it was a word in everyday conversation. Sometimes she would even use the best parts of the wool from one of her old coats to make a little coat for me. They were all beautiful. I remember most of them but there were a couple, from when I was very young, that I especially loved.

There was my little blue and white striped spring coat. It was a ribbed silk and it had pretty pink buttons with “diamonds” – at least that what I used to call them! 😉


And then there was the navy wool coat with the little “red jelly beans” for buttons. 😉


The buttons are all that’s left of those coats now, but holding them in my hand brings back a flood of memories of someone I dearly loved . . .

who dearly loved me, too. 😀

What is it that you have saved for a long time?


Special note: The “little girl” greeting card shown above was created by etsy artist: FrenchCountry


Red Jelly Beans — 5 Comments

  1. You are a lucky girl.

    I don’t have those memories. But since you expect something from here, this is the memory that popped in my head, why? Who knows.

    When I was YOUNG, I started babysitting for my brothers kids. (he was 20 years older than me) Now remember, my family was very dysfunctional. He and his wife worked weird hours. I usually was at their house at supper time and would fix supper for the kids. I went to the freezer to find something to fix. There was a package wrapped in tin foil so I opened it to see if I could use it. Nope. It was my brothers dead parakeet. He couldn’t bear to bury it so he put it in the freezer. This is something that I look back on and laugh about…NOW.

    John is gone now, but he had the biggest heart for animals of anyone I have ever met. You think ICK when you read this story. I feel love and compassion for a brother that was really a cousin that lead a sad life, but always loved animals.

    Whose blog IS this anyway!

  2. Oh gosh! I loved this sweet, sentimental post, Crystal. It so nice that you have these treasured memories of your grammy tucked always in your heart, and that you still have those pretty pink “diamond”, and jelly bean buttons! Do you keep them in a special little treasure box? …The pictures you add to your posts are always perfectly adorable!

    I really liked Carol’s comment too. I didn’t think “ick” at all.

    Paulette 😉

  3. I still have the brocade cloth covered buttons that were on the Prom Coat that Nana made for me. Very special and treasured! Have a fun weekend Crystal.

  4. I was excited to see my card on your blog – once again, THANK YOU – for featuring my work.

    I must tell you… after reading your little essay about your grandma… I got very sentimental and melancholic. What a lovely story! Of course it reminded me of my grandmother too, who also liked to sew, alter and create new outfits for us kids. I particularly remember something she made for all her grandkids every winter: it was something different: a sweater neck. / indended to replace a scarf / It looked exactely like a sweater neck, and it had a small portion knitted in the front, to resemble a sweater. The neck would close with buttons in the back. You could tuck the front portion under your coat. It looked like you had a big great sweater on. We loved those, because we refused to wear scarves. She would knit them in different designs, with wonderful patterns. You would have thought that we wearing the most beautiful sweaters, actually it was just the neck….

    Anyways, thank you for the post! Hugs, Claudia

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