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Tuesday Greetings!

How about a weekly question? πŸ™‚

Actually, I have 2 questions . . .

1. What is your favorite TV commercial? (currently or from the past.)

2. What commercial do you dislike the most?

My Answers:

I love the E-Trade commercial with the baby called “Solitary”! (Click here to see it.)

I truly dislike the Piggy GEICO commercial. (See it here.) The sound is grating – even if I’m not in the room while it’s on! Cute idea maybe, but it should be MUCH shorter!


I can’t wait to read your answers!

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Favorite Commercial — 10 Comments

  1. My Favorites,
    The Hershey’s Kisses commercial that runs at Christmas time where all the kisses ring like bells. There is one kiss that has a long ring and then sighs at the end.

    The Budwieser commercial after 911 where the Horses bowed in front of the Statue of Liberty. It was only shown on Superbowl Sunday in 2002, but if you want to see it You Tube has it.

    Fruit Stripe Gum
    The classic “zebra” with the colored stripes that matched the gum “It’s fun to tickle your tongue with fruit stipe gum”

    The CarX commercial with the rattle, thunder clatter, boom, boom, jingle.

    Tonka Trucks
    They took a real-life dump truck and a Tonka truck and pushed them simultaneously off a cliff to see which one held up better. As they fell, we saw slow-motion close-up video of the truck tumbling end over end, taking terrible damage as it collided with rocks and such on its way down. The toy, meanwhile, bounced harmlessly off the outcroppings. At the bottom, the real truck was a pile of twisted metal, but the toy was merely brushed off and presented to the camera.

    Commercials I don’t like,
    The one right now with the baby coughing, it just is so annoying. I know the message is important, but all the coughing drives me nuts.

    The creepy Burger King commercials with the weird looking king.

    Quiznos Subs and the rats. There is no way I want to go to a restaurant associated with rats.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!! This was a fun question.

  2. Ha! The pig is OK til he talks in an adult voice.

    I love the Super Bowl imported from Detroit Chrysler commercial.

    I LOVE!! the sock commericial where the father and son are dipping their feet in white stuff trying to get a perfect sock fit…the dad says he’s sick of it and the little kid repeats “Sick of It”. Its my favorite new saying.

    And I loved the Superbowl one where the monkeys park their car so close to a guy he can’t get out of his car.

    Sadly, I am not very good at remembering the product commercials advertise…

  3. Oh no, Crystal! Weeeeeeee!!!! That piggy commercial is one of my all time favorites! I love little Max!

    There are so many that I love…Anything Christmas, Disney commercials too, and I’m loving those Allstate “Mayhem” commercials!

    Commercials I hate…I can just think of one right now. A diaper commercial where cartoon babies are forcing themselves to “fill” up their diapers in a competition to see which diaper holds the most. How gross is that??? I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I saw it. Disgusting!

    This was fun! Hope you’re having a great day today! xoxo Paulette

  4. I like the European commercials,the rules are very tight over there so they have to be very creative for their commercials,have you ever seen the award ceremony just for commercials?Its really funny.

  5. I love animal commercials, so almost anything with a dog in it I really like.

    I love the one when the dog is burying his bone, takes it to the bank, tosses and turns in his sleep, gets his bone back…etc. Cute dog.

    I love the one where the polar bear is traveling across country to give the guy a hug for being eco-friendly. I think it’s a car commerical.

    I used to own hamsters – so the Soul commercials are cute to me even though they drive my sweetie crazy. When they’re riding in the car all bopping their heads (“moving and grooving…”) – that is so funny to me.

    I also like the Super Bowl commercial (last year’s one) with the little boy that smacks his mother’s date and says “Keep your hands off my mama, keep your hands off my Doritos…”

    I like the Reese’s Peanut Cup commercials, like the Halloween one with the two vampire bites in it.

    I don’t like…

    Most insurance commercials, except for the one where the guy is always getting hurt, and causing destruction. His name is Mayhem, but may change during commercials. I like the one when he’s a 16-year-old girl and he has the pink headband on.

    The Burger King guy IS CREEPY. lol.

    There are soooooooooo many that I am missing….BRAIN FREEZE.

  6. Oh …and I liked the commercials with the ‘who’s that kid with the Oreo cookie….’ jingle when I was younger.

  7. Yay Kids!
    I’ll be back later to be more specific but just wanted to say – GREAT choices, both for the good commercials and the bad!
    Thanks for playing πŸ˜€

  8. Hi again! πŸ™‚
    This particular weekly question was definitely a lot of fun! You’ve all had me searching on youtube to see the commercials you mentioned. I’m amazed at how clever some of the ads can be…. but also surprised that the writers of others were actually paid for their work! πŸ˜‰

  9. I HATE the Burger King guy, too. I agree he is creepy.
    Also do not like the Luvs commercial with the babies fillng up their diapers, yuck!
    I don’t like the Old Spice commercials, although I am not sure why. The guy seems to have a big youtube following.
    We usually mute the commercials in our house; they are so loud and sometimes the content is inappropriate. Am I the only one who thinks that they use sex to sell almost everything? I am sick of seeing scantily clad bodies selling things!! I promise I am not a prude either! I agree that most of the time it is hard to figure out what is being sold.
    Don’t like car dealership or furniture store commercials either, there are WAY to many of them on.
    The ones I like:
    Any of the Budweiser clydesdale commercials. (Incidentially, I have a friend who has an ex-Budweiser clydesdale. He is awesome! So sweet and well behaved. HUGE)
    I, too, love any animal commercials (although the pig in the Geico commercial is annoying). There was one for a minivan a few years ago– the dog snuck out at night and took the minivan and picked up his friends to cruise.
    I like the Mayhem Allstate commercials and the Progressive “Flo” commercials.
    There are 2 local commercials that are funny. It’s All Good Auto Sales (with a name like that, how can it not be funny?) There is another local auto sales commercial that they play during the Memphis Tiger basketball games, I cannot remember the name of the company but it is VERY low budget but hysterical. The recurring line in it is, “Nah, that aint it!” Guess you probably have to see it. πŸ™‚

  10. Gosh, Allison!
    What a great – well…… “post” on commercials!!!! πŸ˜€
    I can’t exactly call it a “comment” because you were so wonderfully thorough in describing a whole spectrum of commercial types!
    Loved it!

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