There are people who like chocolate . . .

And then there are people who LOVE chocolate.

I’ve always been someone who “likes” it.

Well, that is until several years ago when I discovered Lindor Hazelnut Truffles by Lindt.

Oh my, are they ever good!!!!! So good, in fact, that the hazelnut is often sold out!

(xoxoxo to Sir Beads for snagging some for me.)


Happy Valentine’s Day, Kids! πŸ˜€

Hope you discover something sweet today . . .




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  1. I love the Lindt dark chocolate truffles. To me there is no better chocolate than Lindt. Have a wonderful Valentines day, everyone!
    The dogs will be getting homemade cheese biscuits since they cannot have chocolate.
    This weeks celebrations include:
    14 Valentine’s Day
    14 Ferris Wheel Day
    14 National Creme-Filled Chocolates
    14 National Organ Donor Day
    15 National Gum Drop Day
    16 Do a Grouch a Favor Day
    16 National Almond Day
    17 Random Acts of Kindness Day ( I love this holiday)
    18 National Battery Day
    18 Drink Wine Day

  2. Rob and I joined the Godiva club or whatever it’s called. Every month, we can go into a Godiva store and get a FREE truffle! Such a treat! Best part is that being in the club is totally free. So, really, we get a free truffle every month, and it’s amazing! ^_^

  3. Drink the Wine Day…I see the metaphyiscal aspects of this holiday. I think I’ll celebrate THAT day.

    I got a great Valentine Day present. My husband found the perfect home for Lorac, my alter ego. Lorac lives in Bizarro World. When I get a pic, I’ll post on my blog. Its a project I have been planning for a while.

    Happy Valentine Day to everyone. Hope you all get a surprise!

  4. Hey Kelly – I love the 18th!

    My favorite chocolate is Turtles! Love, love them. Won’t share them, either.

  5. Hi Abie! πŸ™‚
    I must admit I like Godiva too! πŸ™‚
    Coincidentally, on the news here yesterday, they were saying that it’s impossible to tell the difference between a regular candy bar kind of chocolate and a special brand like Godiva. Are they kidding??? LOL

  6. Greetings Kelly! πŸ™‚
    What a great list of days this week! I am with you on number 17, and I like the first choice for number 16, as well. In fact, in some cases, you could do 16 and 17 at the same time! πŸ˜‰

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day to
    you, Crystal and all.
    I found a beautiful saying
    that I thought I’d share.
    “There isn’t a thought large
    enough to hold which the
    heart knows without thinking.”

    And chocolates – YUM!YUM!

  8. Lindt truffles are so yummy! I just love them, and can’t pass a box at a check out counter without buying myself a couple to be stuffed into my mouth on the way to the car. I had one just a couple of days ago that I had never tasted before. It had a pinkish wrapper (which is still in car) and it was a cherry flavor of some sort. OMG, heavenly! I’ll have to peek at that wrapper for the exact flavor and let you know…but YOU GO, Sir Beads, for finding Crystal her favorite hazelnut tuffles! umm! xoxo Paulette

  9. Ok, sorry I have been absent this week, I will try to catch up!

    The weather here has been WONDERFUL and I have been taking full advantage of it! High 60’s-lower 70’s all week—I have been working in the yard and taking long stroller rides with Robert. Got to get back in shape. πŸ™‚

    I LOVE truffles, too. Actually any candy, I have a huge sweet tooth. I did not know about the Godiva club; I will have to check it out! (More long stroller rides in my future)

    Hope everyone had a good week and a Happy Valentine’s day!

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