Ode to Spring Jewelry

Happy Monday, Kids! (or whatever day it is when you visit 🙂 )
Now that we’re officially ensconced in Daylight Saving Time, can Spring be far behind!?!

Whenever I think of Spring, I think of violets. They grow wild around here. When my kids were little – they loved to run in from play and surprise me with violets they had gathered. How I loved seeing the excitement in their faces and those sweet little hands offering up a tiny bouquet.

Hey, Crystal! Is that why you love purple so much?

Hmmm, you know, that hadn’t occurred to me until just this minute – but maybe so!

I currently have a real case of spring fever and it’s spilling over into my jewelry-making. I just finished a necklace – a choker, really. It drapes so nicely – I may not be able to part with it. (I hate when that happens! LOL) It does remind me of a spring bouquet!

Next, I have earrings. The purple tones and the sheen of the pearls could be compared to violets in the morning dew, don’t you think?

And finally . . . we’ve certainly waited patiently enough for the bleak winter landscape to awaken in shades of green! Before we know it, the leaves will be bursting and this next piece, a pendant, showcases lots of spring greens (or was I subconsciously thinking about the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day?).  😉

Do you have Spring fever, too?



See You in the Spring

Well, by the time we meet here again on Monday, it *will* be spring!

I know . . . silly joke. (I’ve got a million of ‘em!) 😉


One rainy day this past week, I was longing for a little spring color – so I made earrings.

I’m calling these Violet Petals

And these are May Flowers

Both pairs are currently available on my website.


Have a fabulous weekend!

See ya in the Spring Monday. 😉



Spring is for Purple Lovers!

If you like purple as much as I do, then you’ll probably agree that Spring is a very exciting season!


There are shades of purple everywhere with the lilacs, violets, pansies, hyacinths, and my absolute favorite – the iris!!!


They’re in full bloom in our yard right now. Aren’t they pretty? 🙂


What is your favorite flower?


Friday Favorites – Merry Month of May

It’s the merry month of May!

For this week’s “Friday Favorites”, we have a vintage illustration and a modern quotation!

Both are appropriate for the first day of May; don’t you think?


Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”

~Robin Williams

Enjoy the blooming trees in your area this weekend! See you Monday with the new questions. 🙂