Ode to Spring Jewelry

Happy Monday, Kids! (or whatever day it is when you visit 🙂 )
Now that we’re officially ensconced in Daylight Saving Time, can Spring be far behind!?!

Whenever I think of Spring, I think of violets. They grow wild around here. When my kids were little – they loved to run in from play and surprise me with violets they had gathered. How I loved seeing the excitement in their faces and those sweet little hands offering up a tiny bouquet.

Hey, Crystal! Is that why you love purple so much?

Hmmm, you know, that hadn’t occurred to me until just this minute – but maybe so!

I currently have a real case of spring fever and it’s spilling over into my jewelry-making. I just finished a necklace – a choker, really. It drapes so nicely – I may not be able to part with it. (I hate when that happens! LOL) It does remind me of a spring bouquet!

Next, I have earrings. The purple tones and the sheen of the pearls could be compared to violets in the morning dew, don’t you think?

And finally . . . we’ve certainly waited patiently enough for the bleak winter landscape to awaken in shades of green! Before we know it, the leaves will be bursting and this next piece, a pendant, showcases lots of spring greens (or was I subconsciously thinking about the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day?).  😉

Do you have Spring fever, too?




Ode to Spring Jewelry — 7 Comments

  1. They are all beautiful but LOVE the green pendant. Is that a rivoli in the center? I have some of those. (Hmmm…. now just have to figure out how you did this.) 😀

    Crystal says: Hi Donna!
    It is a rivoli. My daughters have gifted me with books that feature ways to play with cabochons and rivoils. I highly recommend “Beading With Cabochons” by Jamie Cloud Eakin.

    P. S. I fixed your typo. I usually do that automatically but was in a rush earlier today. 🙂

  2. great pieces and appropriate color and design for spring.

    I def have Spring Fever, but opened the doors yesterday to be met with the scent of burning leaves. Anyway, with temps in the 60’s this week, I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to do so again. Yay Spring!!

  3. Hey, Crystal.. thanks!!

    Yep, that is a GREAT book. I have it too. Bought it a couple years ago, flipped through it, but never made anything. Even bought some special beading foundation and a whole bunch of cabochons in all different sizes. So with that and the rivolis, just need to sit with the book a spell and get started. (Love the 1st necklace on page 41)

  4. Hi Donna
    Well you know I had to run and open my book to see your favorite! It IS beautiful! 🙂
    The pearls add so much! I love rhodochrosite, too. I have some earrings that my daughter brought home from a visit to New Mexico. They’re a simple sterling silver frame with long triangular rhodochrosite stones – really pretty!
    Isn’t the Jamie Cloud Eakin book true eye candy, though?

  5. Crystal, your Spring jewelry is stunning!!! I love your story about the violets. You portrayed them beautifully in your necklace and earrings. And that pendant…gorgeous!! I love the design around the rivoli. I’ve got a good stash of rivolis and I tried to make a beaded bezel a few times, but it just wouldn’t turn out right. I got so frustrated…maybe I need to buy that book. 😉 LOL

    It’s still a bit chilly here….raining today. But I see little green buds on my cherry tree so Spring is close! 🙂

  6. I like all the pieces, but St. Pats day is coming up this weekend. I love the color green, maybe its because I look good in it.
    I will be wearing my shamrock lucky dog pin for good luck this weekend.

    UPDATE: I have now taught two of the Jr. Achievement lessons and it is going very well. The kids are having a good time and so am I. They catch on really fast. Thanks for your support everyone.
    In St. Louis almost all the Catholic churches hold fish fries on Friday all during Lent. For some reason I figured this was widely practiced all over the U.S. Anyway the desserts are to die for.

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