Spring is for Purple Lovers!

If you like purple as much as I do, then you’ll probably agree that Spring is a very exciting season!


There are shades of purple everywhere with the lilacs, violets, pansies, hyacinths, and my absolute favorite – the iris!!!


They’re in full bloom in our yard right now. Aren’t they pretty? 🙂


What is your favorite flower?



Spring is for Purple Lovers! — 10 Comments

  1. I love wildflowers. They look so unplanned and colorful and beautiful. I especially love when they grow along the side of the highway, so I have something pretty to look at while I’m driving.

  2. Don’t you just love Iris!

    I have Siberian Iris that I love. They are the deepest purple. They close at night and open in the day. Mine are spreading nicely. My favorite flowers are violets. I just bought violets for the garden. I was so excited. Its the first time I ever saw them in person as a garden plant. I’ll be planting them by the pond and going back for more.

    Next, are Daylillies. Can’t have enough. I love the orange ones. I just don’t know of a flower I don’t like.

    A better question is what is my favorite COLOR flower. Purple, then coral, then dark. Any color..dark. Gosh, I love all colors!

  3. Love your flowers! I love sunflowers and purple coneflowers…so I suppose they’re my favorites.

  4. Your flowers are so lovely. The color combinations are great!
    I love so many flowers, but I will say that various colors of cone flowers
    are my favorite! Many thanks, Cindi

  5. I love yellow roses but in my garden I think I love Gerber Dasiys. I love to mix purple and yellow flowers – they look so bright and cheery (can you tell i’m so ready for the summer- and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and temps will be in the 50s – yuck!)

  6. Here, here (waving hand in the air!)….another Iris lover!! I am crazy about Iris flowers and have about 30 planted around my house. The plants are nice and tall and healthy looking but only one has bloomed so far. Not sure why! Purple irises are my favorite but our bulbs are assorted colors. They were given to us by a family friend.

  7. Today, my favorite flower is a snap dragon! They are sweet, and cute, fun to play with and to make children smile, when the kids visit my garden!

  8. I spy some very familiar colors in these here flowers! They’re so very beautiful. I love purples too. In fact when I plant flowers in the spring I always go for the pinks, purples and whites. Never the reds or oranges.
    They’re pretty too, but I just prefer the pinks and purples! Hugs, Paulette

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