Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

While cleaning out a closet, I discovered these . . .

They were towards the back of a shelf. I haven’t seen them for several years.

Sir Beads and I bought them on our honeymoon (40+ years ago!).
I remember it vividly…. We were driving through the White Mountains area of New Hampshire and had stopped at a little gift shop on the side of the road. In the windows, there was an assortment of jewel-toned art glass that immediately caught our attention. It sparkled like crazy in the sunlight. Of course, I chose the amethyst purple.


The pieces are fairly small – the tallest is 5 inches. They were on display in my home for many years. I guess at some point I must have decided to pack them away – possibly to make room for a newer treasure. When I came across them again last week, I stopped and asked myself if it might be time to let them go. After all, I hadn’t missed them while they were out of sight.


Problem is I’m terribly sentimental. If something has a “history” in my life (or in the lives of my family) I am attached to it. Simple as that.

Bottom line? These little vases will be staying put for a while longer…

How about you?

Are you in love with your “stuff”?

Is it a trauma to part with things you no longer use because they evoke a sweet memory?



I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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It worked!

This time last year, I wrote about a new trick (click here) I had just implemented to tame that age-old nuisance in every kitchen…

the utensil drawer! 🙂

The photo in that post was not MY messy drawer. No way! Mine was too much of a jumble to show the “before” picture. But today, I can honestly say that the method I used to de-clutter my drawer actually worked; and worked for the long-term!

Currently, my utensils are still reasonably organized and easy to grab. The drawer has remained neat for a full year – well, as neat as a utensil drawer can be. After all, that stuff doesn’t really fit together perfectly.

Ok, drum roll please.

Here it is now. Ta-da!


I know.

You’re thinking, “Hey, Crystal, why mention this today?”.

Well, there’s a desk drawer around here that’s getting pretty hard to close . . .

I think I’ll try the same technique to get it organized during this year’s spring cleaning.

Film [at 11:00] next year 😉