Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

While cleaning out a closet, I discovered these . . .

They were towards the back of a shelf. I haven’t seen them for several years.

Sir Beads and I bought them on our honeymoon (40+ years ago!).
I remember it vividly…. We were driving through the White Mountains area of New Hampshire and had stopped at a little gift shop on the side of the road. In the windows, there was an assortment of jewel-toned art glass that immediately caught our attention. It sparkled like crazy in the sunlight. Of course, I chose the amethyst purple.


The pieces are fairly small – the tallest is 5 inches. They were on display in my home for many years. I guess at some point I must have decided to pack them away – possibly to make room for a newer treasure. When I came across them again last week, I stopped and asked myself if it might be time to let them go. After all, I hadn’t missed them while they were out of sight.


Problem is I’m terribly sentimental. If something has a “history” in my life (or in the lives of my family) I am attached to it. Simple as that.

Bottom line? These little vases will be staying put for a while longer…

How about you?

Are you in love with your “stuff”?

Is it a trauma to part with things you no longer use because they evoke a sweet memory?



I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do! — 8 Comments

  1. I hate to part with my ‘treasures’ too. I need to get rid of a lot of things but I struggle with which to give away. If a friend admires them I gladly give them away but to a stranger – yikes. I need to know they will go to a loving home.

  2. Oh! These are NOT just STUFF…they are tinies…they are memories of one of the happiest times in your life!! You need to put them back out to keep treasured memories near the top as dementia sets in…I just felt like saying that…couldn’t stop…feeling my years today…you will forgive me…but seriously they are so totally you. A little elegant..very sentimental, PURPLE, and a reminder of a long time love affair.

    Can you tell I have treasures I won’t part with. I have pieces of my mothers that were special to me and I am confident that they will never see a garage sale because I have one very sentimental daughter and ONE very sentimental grandson.

    Have a great weekend…rain heading your way.
    xx, Carol

  3. I could never part with these! They need to be in a window somewhere so you can see them every day and remember when you bought them, and started your lives together.

  4. I love the little vases and I encourage you to hold on to them. I’m not the sentimental one in my family, that would be hubs. He even has a car from his teenage years. I do have my mom’s cookbook and I have kept handwritten notes that I have received thru the years. I also have the all the collars of the dogs that have been in my life.

  5. Oh Crystal, these are so pretty! I agree with Donna. They need to be put in a window where they will look beautiful, remind you of a very special time, and make you smile whenever you walk by!

    I too have a very hard time parting with anything that brings back a special memory. I think I need a bigger house now. xoxo

  6. Welcome, Donna Kate!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind comment.
    You and the other “kids” are so right! I’m taking your advice.
    The glass is again on display, here, as I type. 🙂

  7. It’s incredibly hard to abandon the sweetest memories – I don’t even want to tell you what I’ve saved over the years from my relationship. Let’s just say I have a 15-year-old can of corn that was purchased on the day that I met my sweetie. He doesn’t even eat corn.

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