Tales of a Fussbudget

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fuss·bud·get: a fussy person, one who fusses or is fussy – especially about small things or trifles.


I was just a kid the first time I heard that word.
My father used it to (affectionately) describe his sister.

You don’t hear it very often these days . . . but I’ve always thought it’s kind of fun to pronounce. If I were to be honest, I’d have to confess that I can be a bit of a fussbudget. (Perhaps it’s genetic?)

If you know me, you know I like my tea a certain way. It must be ready fairly quickly but also made with boiling hot water! The perfect solution for this scenario is an electric tea kettle.

I’ve been in love with mine for 13 blissful years (I even wrote about it) but, sadly, it croaked last week (sobbing quietly, here).


Since then, I have spent more time than I care to admit searching and reading reviews for new models and brands. Just when I come across one that sounds pretty good . . . up pops a slew of negative remarks and the hunt begins again. It’s absolutely exhausting!

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But even worse than that . . .

We are currently reduced to using this to make a decent cup of tea!!!!!

It’s a crime, I tell you!

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By now, I hope you are laughing at my silly tale of woe.

But do me a favor, Kids?

Cross your fingers (and a few toes) that I find a new kettle, soon.

A fussbudget needs her tea!


Hugs for all and Happy Fall 🙂


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Friday Funnies

This week ends with a vintage illustration that will hopefully bring a smile.

You gotta love fellas. Women may be exceptionally creative – but men are just born inventors! 😉


And before I forget, thank you for your answers to the jewelry survey. It was very helpful to “hear” your feedback, and how interesting that almost every one of you prefer silver over gold!


Savor this weekend, Kids! The holiday rush will be upon us shortly . . .

Hugs and smiles,


Sharing A Laugh

Way, way, back in the olden days, even before there were blogs . . . 😉

There were women saying funny things in newspapers and books.

One of them was Peg Bracken, and I’d like to feature her in this edition of Friday Favorites.

Peg wrote several books including the “I Hate to Cook Book” and the “I Hate to Housekeep Book”. Later, they were combined into one hilarious volume, where the accent is on comedy, interspersed with words of wisdom and some pretty good recipes, too.

Here’s a brief snippet illustrating her priceless sense of humor:

Hope you have lots of laughter in your weekend!

Smiles and Hugs,


Fun in a Heat Wave

Hang on, Kids!

Crystal can’t complain about the heat too much longer.

Can she??? 😉

Actually, it’s the drone of the air conditioner that’s getting to me at the moment. (I do know I am lucky to have an a/c!)

Anyway, we’re in the middle of a 4-day span of temperatures in the 90’s here, and I think I’ll make up a “new” old-saying. 😉

“When the going gets hot …. the hot try to distract themselves – maybe with something cute and funny?”

Click here for an old Friday Favorites post which might give you a giggle or two!