The Good Wife

As often as possible . . . I do try to be a “good wife”. 😉

But you’ll laugh when I tell you the predicament into which I unknowingly put Sir Beads yesterday!

As he was leaving for work in the morning, I asked him if he would mind grabbing a few items from the grocery store on his way home. He said “No problem.” So, I dashed off a little list of the things we needed and he quickly stuffed it into his shirt pocket as he headed out the door.

When he came home last night, he told me that he had made a funny discovery during the workday. At one point, he glanced down at his shirt and it seems that part of the “list” had worked its way out of his pocket! This is what was showing to any and all he may have encountered in the course of business:


I was blushing and laughing at the same time as we wondered what people must have thought when they saw that! LOL

Here’s the list – unfolded.


Next time, maybe I should just email him . . . but I suppose that would mean less excitement for the co-workers!