Tales of a Fussbudget

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fuss·bud·get: a fussy person, one who fusses or is fussy – especially about small things or trifles.


I was just a kid the first time I heard that word.
My father used it to (affectionately) describe his sister.

You don’t hear it very often these days . . . but I’ve always thought it’s kind of fun to pronounce. If I were to be honest, I’d have to confess that I can be a bit of a fussbudget. (Perhaps it’s genetic?)

If you know me, you know I like my tea a certain way. It must be ready fairly quickly but also made with boiling hot water! The perfect solution for this scenario is an electric tea kettle.

I’ve been in love with mine for 13 blissful years (I even wrote about it) but, sadly, it croaked last week (sobbing quietly, here).


Since then, I have spent more time than I care to admit searching and reading reviews for new models and brands. Just when I come across one that sounds pretty good . . . up pops a slew of negative remarks and the hunt begins again. It’s absolutely exhausting!

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But even worse than that . . .

We are currently reduced to using this to make a decent cup of tea!!!!!

It’s a crime, I tell you!

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By now, I hope you are laughing at my silly tale of woe.

But do me a favor, Kids?

Cross your fingers (and a few toes) that I find a new kettle, soon.

A fussbudget needs her tea!


Hugs for all and Happy Fall 🙂


I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Tales of a Fussbudget — 7 Comments

  1. I HATE that word!! Just because you demand quality and conformity does NOT make you a FUSSBUDGET!! It makes you Particular. There…doesn’t that sound better?!! I am particular.

    However, since I am not a tea drinker I’m wondering why you couldn’t use a coffeemaker such as Mr. Coffee? Proctor Silex…Walmart…16 dollars. Oh, sorry….because you are Particular…LOL!!!!
    Much Love

  2. Thanks, Carol!

    I like an electric water “heater” because it’s so fast, BUT many of the electric gadgets give the hot water either a plastic or a metal taste, which I don’t like.

    The coffee machines make good coffee, but just plain hot water from some of them can have an odd taste that ruins the flavor of the tea.

    It took us a while to find the electric tea kettle that just broke… but the water from it tasted great and it was a plastic pot!

    When I checked for the current model of our tea pot – there were a bunch of 1-star reviews saying: “awful plastic taste!” 🙁

    And lots of today’s metal electric tea kettles have mixed reviews, as well.
    I’m hoping I find something that we like right out of the box – cause it’s such a pain to have to return things! See what I (and you) mean? Particular! Uh-huh!
    😉 xoxoxoxo

  3. Sometimes theres just too much choice and also plenty of items that make you scratch your head and wonder why they still sell something so bad lol.I hope you find something suitable soon 🙂

  4. Greetings Michelle!
    Thanks for your good wishes. 🙂
    You are so right! It is very hard to understand why things remain on the market long after they are poorly rated.

    How’s the foliage there? xo!

  5. I can understand, I have to make most of my food in cast iron. It tastes better to me, and I don’t have to worry about toxins. The corn bread shaped like ears of corn is the best. I also cannot make a proper popover without a cast iron pop over pan. It has to be an antique pan, the new stuff just does have the same feel.

    Good luck finding your pot, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  6. Oh my gosh, Kelly!
    Now I’m going to have to make cornbread. (Love it!)

    I know you have a lovely collection of antique cast iron and that hubby has given you some of it as gifts. 🙂

    Thanks for your good wishes on my tea kettle search. I’ll have to report when I find one. xo!

  7. Don’t laugh Crystal, but I always thought that was pronounced “fussbucket”. I really crack myself up sometimes! 😀

    I was a tea drinker all my life until a few years ago when I started to like coffee. Decaf Swiss chocolate coffee with some of Coffeemate’s Italian Sweet Cream creamer added in. Yum…I’m sipping some now!

    When I make tea, I just fill my mug with water, drop in a teabag and a couple teaspoons of sugar and pop in into the microwave for a bit. I keep a kettle on the stove, but most of the time I just use it to water my plants!

    I hope you can find another electric tea kettle soon. You’re not a fussbudget. We all like things a certain way. 🙂 xoxo

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