Money Does Grow On Trees

If you’re anything like me . . . now that the holidays are approaching . . . you’re in full wracking my brains mode! 😉

By that I mean – trying to come up with good ideas for Christmas gifts.

I’ve always said it would be a snap to shop if only I were independently wealthy. But alas, there will be no cars, nor boats, nor diamond rings for my family this Christmas – again! LOL

Having a holiday budget is far from a bad thing, though. We all know it’s the thought that counts. You just need to be more creative.

In that vein, I thought you might like to see my favorite gift given, a couple of years ago.

This Christmas version of a “money tree” was a delight to put together for my Mum & Dad.

Click photos twice to enlarge.


Because they have 6 adult children buying gifts for them, each year it becomes more and more of a challenge to come up with a new idea. They certainly don’t need more knick-knacks or gadgets!


A couple of Christmases ago, I decided to give them money, but I wanted to do more than just put it in an envelope. Money trees are nothing new, but I thought a Christmas money tree might be fun and a little out of the ordinary, too!


So, I found this pretty tabletop tree with the idea that they could “re-use” it as a holiday decoration in the future. It’s showy but doesn’t take up too much real estate when in storage, and that makes it perfect for their needs.


I gathered an assortment of bills in different denominations, rolled each one, and tied them to the branches with gold curling ribbon. As you can see, a dollar coin with little green bows served as the tree topper! (Yep, that’s Lady Liberty holding her torch.)

For the final touch, I printed a small hangtag that read:

“Sometimes money does grow on trees!”


See you tomorrow for Show and Tell Tuesday!



54 Shopping Days Until . . .


1st Ornament for 2010
made with Swarovski Crystals and Pearls

Ok, ok – before you throw a sneaker at the screen, let me quickly say that I am not rushing the season.

In fact, I really don’t like to blog about Christmas before Halloween is officially over . . .

but since most of us are probably eating the leftover candy by now, I figure it’s safe to broach the topic. 😉

54 days is really not as long as it sounds.

“What”? (You scoff.)

I’m serious. Doesn’t it seem as if we just turned the calendar to September?

Uh-uh . . . that was 61 days ago! So, if you want to make a few gifts or maybe some ornaments, or you have packages to mail – it’s not too early to get going!

Who am I trying to convince, here, you or myself?

Both, actually! 😉 (I definitely need to get busy a.s.a.p!)

weekly question:

Are you a Christmas elf? Do you like to start early or do you thrive on the last minute holiday rush?