Money Does Grow On Trees

If you’re anything like me . . . now that the holidays are approaching . . . you’re in full wracking my brains mode! 😉

By that I mean – trying to come up with good ideas for Christmas gifts.

I’ve always said it would be a snap to shop if only I were independently wealthy. But alas, there will be no cars, nor boats, nor diamond rings for my family this Christmas – again! LOL

Having a holiday budget is far from a bad thing, though. We all know it’s the thought that counts. You just need to be more creative.

In that vein, I thought you might like to see my favorite gift given, a couple of years ago.

This Christmas version of a “money tree” was a delight to put together for my Mum & Dad.

Click photos twice to enlarge.


Because they have 6 adult children buying gifts for them, each year it becomes more and more of a challenge to come up with a new idea. They certainly don’t need more knick-knacks or gadgets!


A couple of Christmases ago, I decided to give them money, but I wanted to do more than just put it in an envelope. Money trees are nothing new, but I thought a Christmas money tree might be fun and a little out of the ordinary, too!


So, I found this pretty tabletop tree with the idea that they could “re-use” it as a holiday decoration in the future. It’s showy but doesn’t take up too much real estate when in storage, and that makes it perfect for their needs.


I gathered an assortment of bills in different denominations, rolled each one, and tied them to the branches with gold curling ribbon. As you can see, a dollar coin with little green bows served as the tree topper! (Yep, that’s Lady Liberty holding her torch.)

For the final touch, I printed a small hangtag that read:

“Sometimes money does grow on trees!”


See you tomorrow for Show and Tell Tuesday!




Money Does Grow On Trees — 8 Comments

  1. What an adorable tree and I love the fact is doesn’t take up much space. I hope you don’t mind if I steal your idea, I think this would make a perfect gift for my dad.

    This weeks holidays include
    11/22 Humane Society Anniversary Day
    11/23 Eat a cranberry day and National Cashew day
    11/24 National Espresso Day, D.B. Cooper Day, and Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day (this one is perfect for those of you who are talented crafters)
    11/25 Thanksgiving Day (I count this blog as one of my blessings)
    11/26 National Cake Day, Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day ( I would love to know how both of these ended up on the same day)

  2. Oh, I don’t mind at all, Kelly! I’m so glad to help.

    And thank you for saying you count this blog as a blessing. You have me smiling and feeling misty – all at the same time! 🙂 xo

  3. Yep, the tree is a great idea.
    I usually give the boys money. I have been known to do crazy things. Wrap a different bill in a different box. Wrap a clue to find a box, only for them to find another box and another clue. When I give money, I like to make it fun!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Week. I like that National Pie Day!

  4. I love it! Great idea, but then you are the clever one!

    A few years back, my family asked that we not give to the adults only the children. It makes it so much easier. I usually end up buying the adults something – but very small. No more than $10/15 – it’s only a token, something fun to unwrap.

    This has taken a lot of stress out of shopping and reduced how much we spend tremendously.

  5. Very cute!I no longer make christmas gifts but every year its cute to see The stand up santas and the glade angels i made come out at friends houses every year:)

  6. This is such a great idea, Crystal, and your tree is so darn cute and a beautiful gift in itself after the money comes off! I’m stashing this idea in the back of my head for sure! xoxo Paulette 🙂

  7. The money tree that you made is beautiful.
    I did something similar for my
    step dad one year for Christmas.
    I got a small fake Xmas tree and put
    lights on it with lottery tickets for
    decorations. He was really happy to
    receive it.

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