Valentine Hearts of Lace

It’s true that Christmas was only a few days ago but . . .

Valentine’s Day will be upon us in the blink of an eye!

So, in honor of the occasion, I thought you might like another quick and easy-to-make ornament!

These airy little hearts only look as if they are hand crocheted! Actually, they’re a cinch to make with cotton cluny lace and chenille stems. So pretty hanging in a window, but they’re also perfect to tie on a gift!


Use any color scheme you like.

For Valentine’s Day, I love the traditional red or pink colors, but this green one makes a great Victorian-style Christmas ornament! (Burgundy or Plum would be beautiful, as well!)


The secret is the cotton lace that you can find online at Home-Sew – a great source for lace, trims, ribbon, and other goodies. (The lace may also be available at a fabric store near you.)

Materials Needed:

*One 12” chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
*22” piece of 1-1/4 inch-wide cotton cluny lace
*1 yd. of 1/4″-wide satin ribbon.
*Fishing line or embroidery floss for hanger
*Tacky glue


NOTE: Read through all directions before beginning.

1. Thread the chenille stem through every other hole in the 2nd row of holes on the lace – see diagram.
2. Adjust the gathers evenly and bring the ends of the chenille stem together and twist 2-3 times.
3. Cut off excess chenille stem ends. The point of the twisted ends forms the point of the heart.
4. Shape the stem into a heart and adjust the gathers again if needed.
5. Make a loopy bow and glue to the bottom of the heart.
6. Attach fishing line hanger.


When finished, the heart measures 5-1/2″ across.

If desired, you can make smaller hearts by using half of a chenille stem and an 11″ piece of 7/8″-wide lace.