Valentine Hearts of Lace

It’s true that Christmas was only a few days ago but . . .

Valentine’s Day will be upon us in the blink of an eye!

So, in honor of the occasion, I thought you might like another quick and easy-to-make ornament!

These airy little hearts only look as if they are hand crocheted! Actually, they’re a cinch to make with cotton cluny lace and chenille stems. So pretty hanging in a window, but they’re also perfect to tie on a gift!


Use any color scheme you like.

For Valentine’s Day, I love the traditional red or pink colors, but this green one makes a great Victorian-style Christmas ornament! (Burgundy or Plum would be beautiful, as well!)


The secret is the cotton lace that you can find online at Home-Sew – a great source for lace, trims, ribbon, and other goodies. (The lace may also be available at a fabric store near you.)

Materials Needed:

*One 12” chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
*22” piece of 1-1/4 inch-wide cotton cluny lace
*1 yd. of 1/4″-wide satin ribbon.
*Fishing line or embroidery floss for hanger
*Tacky glue


NOTE: Read through all directions before beginning.

1. Thread the chenille stem through every other hole in the 2nd row of holes on the lace – see diagram.
2. Adjust the gathers evenly and bring the ends of the chenille stem together and twist 2-3 times.
3. Cut off excess chenille stem ends. The point of the twisted ends forms the point of the heart.
4. Shape the stem into a heart and adjust the gathers again if needed.
5. Make a loopy bow and glue to the bottom of the heart.
6. Attach fishing line hanger.


When finished, the heart measures 5-1/2″ across.

If desired, you can make smaller hearts by using half of a chenille stem and an 11″ piece of 7/8″-wide lace.


Valentine Hearts of Lace — 9 Comments

  1. You are right!! Such a short distance between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Very cute ornaments. Reminds me of those I used to make some years ago. But I gave away all of my lace.

  2. These would be a great way to adorn teacher/classroom Valentine gifts! I like the versatility-make any shape for any season or dye the lace for a different look-Clovers for St Paddy’s Day, Star for Independence Day, etc. Cool idea!

  3. Love the Victorian hearts! I would probably use an organza or more primitive type of ribbon because that is the look I enjoy. Thanks for the project directions…..Cindi

  4. Excellent point, Cindi! Thanks so much for mentioning it!
    Although I do say “satin ribbon” in the directions, the red heart in the photo actually has a velvet ribbon bow, which coordinates well with the chenille texture of the pipe cleaner. But, I’ve used many different types of ribbons on these little hearts, including organza (love it!) and even silk cording. So much fun to experiment!

  5. wow. valentine’s day already? it’ll be here in no time. i love the one with the red ribbon…so pretty!

  6. We am going to make these for party favors for our annual valentine’s day tea party at our senior center…what a cute idea. patty

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