Lucky Seven Random Questions

Yesterday, I visited Jenny’s blog and read a series of questions that she had been tagged to answer.

She invited her readers to do the same so I snagged a few of them (7 to be exact!) for this week’s Lucky Seven. 🙂

1. What bad habit are you having a hard time breaking? Without a doubt, getting to bed at a decent hour. I’ve forever been a bit of a night owl, but these days I am always trying to finish “just one more thing” before I call it a day. Then I am so tired, I have no chance of seeing the sunrise.

2. What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?
Ok, I know it sounds corny, but my best decision ever was to say, “I do” to Sir Beads. I can’t imagine that there’s anyone out there who could have been a more loving, giving, or understanding partner for me. He has truly made my life complete.

3. What’s your favorite place for daydreaming?
Hmmm, I suppose it would be in my chair in the living room. I have a lamp-table there and a little magazine rack where I keep various craft books and other fun things that I want to read. I also have a knitting/craft bag nearby and it’s always filled with a few ongoing projects. I love to grab an hour or two in the evening and curl up there to just relax, dream, and maybe plan a project.

4. When do you feel most confident?
I think feeling confident equals feeling comfortable, and feeling comfortable is a state of mind. If you believe things will go well, there’s a much better chance they will. Of course, I have lots of moments when I don’t feel the least bit confident, but I’m most confident when I’m doing something I’ve done many times before – whether it’s cooking a particular meal, or doing a favorite craft, or chatting with someone who knows me well.

5. How long could you go without talking?
(You’re probably thinking, Not very long, Crystal!) 😉
Well . . . although I’ve never been accused of being shy, I can be quietly content for hours at a time. Really! Lol

6. What makes you mad without fail?
Rudeness. There seems to be so much of it out there. We all have stress in our lives. But if we’re having a bad day, I think it’s important to make every effort not to add to the stress of others by taking it out on them!

7. Best way to wrap your guy around your little finger?
Now you don’t expect me to talk about that on a blog, do you? 😉

As always, I’d love to hear your answers to any or all of these questions in your comments!



Color On

The other day, I read about someone who took a “quiz” that will match a color to your personality.

Her results???


She was in disbelief.

It does sound kind of blah, but it could be worse. Wouldn’t you hate to hear that your personality is . . . “beige”!?!

Well anyway, I thought to myself: “These crazy tests. Maybe I should take it and see what they try to bestow upon me – ha!” 😉

So I did, and guess what color I got?

Purple – my favorite! Maybe this test does work. lol


Here’s the personality description that came along with my color. It’s not totally accurate but there is some truth in it. Mainly, I’m just amazed that I actually got purple!

Spontaneity is the key to your existence. Quick-witted with a flair for originality, you enjoy situations that allow you to explore your creativity. Comparatively conservative, you appreciate beautiful surroundings, especially if they’re found in nature. Your relaxed and self-assured personality allows you to work well with others. Surprisingly enough, your unique and unusual tastes don’t prevent you from being comfortable among your more conservative peers.



Would you like to try the test? Here’s the link. You’ll be finished quickly – there are only a few questions and no registration required. It’s on the True Value Paint website (which actually has some great hints for painting/re-decorating and choosing colors).

Afterwards, c’mon back and let us know your color, ok? 🙂