A Potpourri of Pictures

Greetings Kids 🙂
More photos, today . . . two are from me . . . and two from a long-time reader of this blog, Michelle!


I wanted to have fresh flowers around the house for Easter and couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find these perfect roses at a bargain price! I divided them into 2 vases. (The other one is in the powder room!)


It wouldn’t be a holiday without a memento of holidays past. My girls and I decorated these Easter eggs many years ago . . . (story here)


A few days ago, I was delighted to receive photos from Michelle.
I’ll let her tell you about them!
“This year we have added to our furbaby family with another unplanned rescue. Lily was going to be put down the next day so we took her in. Shes only 3 and a sweet thing.”


“This picture shows all 3 of our rescued dogs playing tag in the snow.Our 3 cat rescues prefer to watch from the window.” 🙂


Many thanks to Michelle!

I’m hoping another reader will be inspired to send in photos – of family, or pets, or a pretty view, or something you made (or cooked!) or even your latest bargain!

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Blame It On The Genes

It’s an all too familiar tale . . .

Crystal entered the store to buy slippers – and only slippers. Through no fault of her own, she came upon a “seasonal” aisle that she had to pass in order to get to those aforementioned slippers.

She told herself: Don’t even look – you don’t need more Easter decorations.

Full of resolve, she briskly moved down the aisle and was just about to take a left towards the ladies’ department when it happened . . .

There, in front of her, stood a twig tree festooned with colorful wooden eggs.

Oh how adorable! She thought.

She might have gotten by them, but suddenly she noticed how cute they looked in their package.

And next, she saw the price – $6.99!!!!

This is where it gets cloudy. Somehow they hopped into her basket – of their own accord!


(What can I say? It’s tough to fight that shopping gene.) 😉



Easter Eggs to Knit

When my kids were young, I used to decorate for every occasion.

Now that they’ve left the nest, I’m not doing as much of it, but I do still love to have a decoration or two – at least for some of the holidays!

Lately, I’ve been having fun getting ready for Easter with these knitted Easter Eggs. If you like, you can click on the photos to make them larger.


The pattern is from Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits.

She has very cleverly designed the knitting to fit over a little plastic egg – the ones you find around Easter for filling with candy or treats.

Of course, in this case, you use an empty egg! If you prefer, you can use soft stuffing, but I think the hard plastic egg gives a more realistic egg-shape.


It isn’t obvious in the photo, but if you look closely, you can see that the egg on the right has a zig zag design!

These are a great project for TV Time. I plan to knit a few more in coordinating colors. Arranged in a basket, they’d make a cute centerpiece; don’t you think?