Blame It On The Genes

It’s an all too familiar tale . . .

Crystal entered the store to buy slippers – and only slippers. Through no fault of her own, she came upon a “seasonal” aisle that she had to pass in order to get to those aforementioned slippers.

She told herself: Don’t even look – you don’t need more Easter decorations.

Full of resolve, she briskly moved down the aisle and was just about to take a left towards the ladies’ department when it happened . . .

There, in front of her, stood a twig tree festooned with colorful wooden eggs.

Oh how adorable! She thought.

She might have gotten by them, but suddenly she noticed how cute they looked in their package.

And next, she saw the price – $6.99!!!!

This is where it gets cloudy. Somehow they hopped into her basket – of their own accord!


(What can I say? It’s tough to fight that shopping gene.) 😉




Blame It On The Genes — 10 Comments

  1. I’M BAAACCK!! Feels so good to be back to my standard operating proceedure.

    I’m not a big shopper, but when it comes to holiday items and things on sale I cannot fight the gene either. I love mom and pop shops especially if they are in an old historic town. I try to find a Christmas shop when we are on vacation so I can get an ornament to remind of the vacation. I get them personalized if I can, otherwise I write it on the back.

    I have been keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you feel better soon too.

    Today’s celebrations and the history lessons that go with them,
    4/7 No Housework Day (I love this day!!)
    4/7 National Beer Day (celebrating 75 years of the end of prohibition)
    4/7 International Snailpapers Day (A day to celebrate hard-copy media such as books, newpapers, and magazines)
    4/7 Coffee Cake Day

  2. Yay, its the DAY!! The day I get my first permanent falsies mold made. Yay me!!!

    At first I thought I would celebrate No Housework Day, but honestly, that wouldn’t be too big a celebration for me. I go on strike here pretty often now ~lol~

    Nope, Its got to be International Snailpapers Day. I just don’t want a digital magazine. And please tell me why they cost the same as paper magazines. Nope, don’t want a thingamabob that I BUY book downloads for. I want, no I MUST turn a page. But I must admit I love E-mail, Blogs and Blog comments. It just wouldn’t be the same using snail mail!!

    Crissy, I totally understand a weakness for holiday decorations. You can never have enough.
    Everyone have a really great day.

  3. Yay Carol!!!!😀
    So happy that you are on the way to the permanent dental work!!! 😀

    I am totally with you on paper magazines. There’s no replacement for curling up in a comfy chair with a new copy of your favorite magazine. I do think you’d like the kindle (or its equivalent) for reading some books, though. There’s no glare and you can adjust the print size, so it’s really wonderful for reading at night. It’s not suitable, imho, for books with lots of photos – like craft books, for example.

    Enjoy today! xo

  4. I missed you, Kelly!
    Well, I know you were here, but I missed your regular schedule. 🙂

    I may just refuse to do any housework today. Thanks for my excuse!

    And coffee cake? Yum! Can I celebrate that over the weekend when I’ll have more of a chance to make some? 🙂 xo

  5. Those eggs are so cute. I probably couldn’t have passed them up either.

    I force myself to stay out of stores those times I don’t want to be tempted. I know what will happen if I see a bargain. I have even started tossing the magazines I get in the mail. No lookee. No buyee.

  6. I like a good bargain,i love dollar stores .I really love craft stores but its better not to go too often lol.
    Im feeling a little better,hopefully the worst is over.Thanks Kelly Ann….
    Im checking on my bulbs everyday ,they are just peeking out now.Im sitting listening to the birds…i love spring!

  7. I am a dangerous shopper that way, too! Especially if it is on sale and I have a coupon! (I almost never buy anything without a coupon; there are coupons for EVERYTHING now)

    Yay, Kelly is back with her “days”! Luckily for me I have not done housework today, now I have an excuse. 🙂

    Congrats Carol! That is great! My mom went through that a few years back and after MANY MANY months, she could finally smile again! I know the waiting is hard. 🙁

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