A Potpourri of Pictures

Greetings Kids 🙂
More photos, today . . . two are from me . . . and two from a long-time reader of this blog, Michelle!


I wanted to have fresh flowers around the house for Easter and couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find these perfect roses at a bargain price! I divided them into 2 vases. (The other one is in the powder room!)


It wouldn’t be a holiday without a memento of holidays past. My girls and I decorated these Easter eggs many years ago . . . (story here)


A few days ago, I was delighted to receive photos from Michelle.
I’ll let her tell you about them!
“This year we have added to our furbaby family with another unplanned rescue. Lily was going to be put down the next day so we took her in. Shes only 3 and a sweet thing.”


“This picture shows all 3 of our rescued dogs playing tag in the snow.Our 3 cat rescues prefer to watch from the window.” 🙂


Many thanks to Michelle!

I’m hoping another reader will be inspired to send in photos – of family, or pets, or a pretty view, or something you made (or cooked!) or even your latest bargain!

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