The Good Yarn

Do you remember when I was making these flowers?

I was using yarn scraps to practice because I wanted to experiment a little before changing to the pricey yarn I had just bought.

This week, I finally carved out a little time to begin working with the “good yarn”.

It’s from Debbie Bliss, and it’s called “Cashmerino”. Talk about soft! And the colors are gorgeous. πŸ™‚


I‘ll be making about 50 flowers in all combinations of these colors.

In the end, I’ll sew the flowers together to make a shawl. The thought of how pretty it could be makes me giddy, I tell ya!

So far, I have 10 flowers complete. It’s fairly easy to make 1 or 2 per day – usually after dinner, when I sit down with Sir Beads to watch a TV program.

I won’t show the new flowers yet . . .


Oh, what am I saying? I hate it when somebody leaves me in suspense!

How about if I show one of them?!? πŸ˜‰


To be continued in the coming weeks . . . .



Friday Favorites

OK, so here’s the deal . . .

Crystal says you’re probably tired of hearing about Peeps, but I’ve convinced her to let me talk to ya because this is my chance for 15 minutes of fame!!! πŸ™‚

You see, she crocheted me last week, and I was supposed to have a whole bunch of friends in different colors – but she ran out of time and now it’s almost Easter!

She suggested that I wait until next year to make my debut here on the blog.

C’MON! That’s 12 months from now!!!!!

So, here I am!

You know Crystal – she likes to embellish things.

She placed a flower at my ear.


I’m a PEEP for heaven’s sakes!!!! I look just fine – plain!


Oh, one more thing! I’m supposed to mention that you can find the pattern Crystal used for me here.

If you celebrate Easter, Crystal and I wish you a very happy one!

And may all of us have a super weekend. πŸ˜€

With hugs from,

Your Pal the Bunny Peep



Smoke Ring in Crochet

You may remember I happened upon a great little yarn shop a while back. . .

See that skein in the center in back?

Presto-change-o! A new scarf. πŸ™‚

I like a long scarf but I also enjoy wearing a scarf that will drape softly at the neckline without a lot of bulk. This yarn was perfect for a style that I would call more of a “smoke ring” than a cowl. These days, cowl scarves are often quite large and can double as hoods. I may try one of those soon but will need more than just one skein of yarn.


I wasn’t planning to match the smoke ring, but these earrings I made in the middle of my scarf project coordinate nicely.

I think they make a pretty set!


Details: I couldn’t find a lacey crochet pattern that matched the vision I had in mind for this design, so I decided to wing it. I made up a pleasing pattern; stopped at a length I liked; and then gave the ends the moebius twist before sewing them together. I do recommend bamboo yarn. I have used it before, but this particular brand was new to me and it was beautifully soft and a pleasure to work with!



Playing Hooky

There are days when you just need to break away from the old routine. Am I right? πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, when I should have been making dinner, I decided to play hooky for an hour.

Well, not the usual kind of hooky . . .

I was actually using a hook!

The yarn on the bottom left might look dark blue on your screen – but it’s a beautiful shade of teal, in person.

Anyway, I had finished 4 squares before Sir Beads raised an eyebrow, which means he’s wondering if dinner is scheduled for the near future – ahem! πŸ˜‰

“What will this be eventually?”, you ask.

I really don’t know yet, but I’m thinking throw pillow, maybe.


So Kids . . . play hooky soon – by doing whatever will give you a few restful moments.

Dinner can always be a little late! πŸ˜‰



Grape Jelly Slinky

grapejellyjarWhat looks like Grape Jelly….

slinkymovingAnd moves like a slinky?

Why it’s my new scarf! πŸ˜‰


I love the way it turned out!


Scarves of all kinds are fun to wear, but sometimes a long scarf can get in the way. The nice thing about this shorter style is that it will fill-in that open area inside your coat’s collar (so your neck is snuggly warm) without adding a lot of extra bulk. It’s really pretty enough to wear indoors too – maybe to cover a neckline that’s too bare for winter, or to jazz up a crew neck sweater.

This was one of my TV Time projects, so the pattern is an easy one! It’s crocheted and you can use any yarn and hook size you choose.

I used:
(1) 6 oz. skein of soft, medium weight, acrylic yarn in variegated violet. (I have about half of it leftover.)

Hook Size: J

Several of you ladies have said that you don’t crochet, but wish you did. If you ever decide to give it a go, you’ll discover that it really isn’t difficult. Just search on youtube for some basic “how-to-crochet” videos. All you need is a ball of yarn and a hook.

You can do it! πŸ™‚