Grape Jelly Slinky

grapejellyjarWhat looks like Grape Jelly….

slinkymovingAnd moves like a slinky?

Why it’s my new scarf! 😉


I love the way it turned out!


Scarves of all kinds are fun to wear, but sometimes a long scarf can get in the way. The nice thing about this shorter style is that it will fill-in that open area inside your coat’s collar (so your neck is snuggly warm) without adding a lot of extra bulk. It’s really pretty enough to wear indoors too – maybe to cover a neckline that’s too bare for winter, or to jazz up a crew neck sweater.

This was one of my TV Time projects, so the pattern is an easy one! It’s crocheted and you can use any yarn and hook size you choose.

I used:
(1) 6 oz. skein of soft, medium weight, acrylic yarn in variegated violet. (I have about half of it leftover.)

Hook Size: J

Several of you ladies have said that you don’t crochet, but wish you did. If you ever decide to give it a go, you’ll discover that it really isn’t difficult. Just search on youtube for some basic “how-to-crochet” videos. All you need is a ball of yarn and a hook.

You can do it! 🙂



Grape Jelly Slinky — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Crystal! Another really pretty one! … and purple too!!! You are so quick at turning out these little darlins! TV time in your house is very productive! Sir Beads must be very happy your hands are occupied and he gets the clicker! hee hee I love this, and I’m snatching the pattern! Thank you! xoxo’s Paulette 😉

  2. These scarves are sure cute. I made one for myself, but my neck is short so I wasn’t happy with how I looked. No problem gifting my creations, though.

    Like yours a lot and especially purple. Cute….jelly slinky…

    xx, Carol

  3. wow, that’s an amazing scarf! it’s already too hot for scarves here though. thanks for that story – live and learn, eh?

  4. Very pretty!! I may try that. I hate air conditioning and my poor neck always suffers. With this scarf, I will be warm AND look cute!!

  5. You scarf is gorgeous! I have tried knitting crocheting, etc. and it
    doesn’t work for me. That is why I appreciate handmade scarves and such
    for the work other people have put into them…..Thanks, Cindi

  6. This looks very fun to wear! It also looks very warm. My neck is ALWAYS cold!

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