Autumn Leaves

fallsceneWe had a very blustery kind of rainstorm here, late last week.

On Saturday morning, I was a little dismayed to wake up and find so many of our beautifully colored leaves had been swept away. The trees are looking very bare.

Last year my daughter was able to get some of the most beautiful foliage photos I’ve ever seen. I think you’ll agree that they’re gorgeous – and well worth a second peek!

To see them, click here for my “Ode to Autumn” post! 😀



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  1. Well, I am sorry. I just can’t break from my distaste for fall and post something wonderful here. I think all those leaves from your bare tree blew my way. My yard is full, and my maple tree is still full.

    Ok, I’ll break down a little. The tree in front of my picture window is a Sugar Maple. We planted it the year Corey was born so we call it Corey’s tree. (Ky has one too). Anyway its 14 and pretty big and is where my birds and squirrels come to visit. If you know about Sugar Maples, you know that they turn the MOST beautiful RED shades in the fall. It is truely a beautiful sight right now and I lose sight of my Cardinals in it.

    So that’s the last good thing you’ll hear from me as I wait for next summer. ~ lol~

  2. Your daughter’s pictures are beautiful.

    Here in Michigan around this time of year, that’s the one thing we have plenty of. LEAVES!! And more leaves. Going up North is a real treat. Seeing the variety of colors on the trees is breathtaking.

  3. Normally, here in NW Ontario, we get a beautiful autumn…but this year, we had summer in September (the warmest month all year)…and the leaves weren’t changing. Then all of a sudden we got a blustery cold snap below 0 C, and leaves were blowing off the trees still mostly green. THen it rained…and snowed…and rained some more. I missed my annual crunch leaf walk!

    And yes…the photos your daughter took last year are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Hi Crystal! Your daughter’s photos are just gorgeous! I’m sorry most of your leaves blew off so suddenly. We’ve still got some. I hope to get out this Sunday for some picture taking, cause I think this is going to be my last chance. There are leaves all over the place…I love it..the smell, the crunch, the crisp air, the pumpkins…everything!!!

  5. Your daughter’s photos are lovely! My favorite is the carpet of leaves. I wish Fall would last right into Spring… skipping that dreaded season called Winter. Yuck! I get cold just thinking about it.

  6. Thank you for your kind photo compliments, everyone! I certainly was lucky to be holding the camera that day…Mother Nature was doing all the work! 😉

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