School Days…

abcslateAhhhh, school days – a time when the smallest of infractions could take on legendary proportions!

As I promised yesterday, here are my daughter’s and my own answers for this week’s giveaway question which was . . .

“When was the first time you were in trouble at school? What did you do and what was your punishment?”


My daughter’s story:
In 1st grade: “The Straw-Blowing Incident”
Somehow the lunch lady got the impression (unfounded) that I was going to blow milk through my straw at another student (OK, so maybe I had just playfully blown the straw wrapper off). As a result, I was banned from using a straw for the rest of the year. This was torture enough (have you ever put your lips on those soggy little cartons?), but the killer was how when I was made to stand in the hallway to receive my punishment, the lunch monitor lady asked for my name; and when I said it, she shook her head so sorrowfully and replied, “What a shame, I’ve heard such nice things about you.”

books My own tale of woe:
I was in 5th grade and one day a new boy joined the class. He was placed in the seat beside me and he quickly began to wear out his welcome. Every time our teacher, Sister Mary Julia, left the room or looked in another direction, he threw his big rubber eraser at me. It didn’t hurt, but you can imagine how annoying it was! After several days of this, I had finally had it, and one afternoon as soon as the eraser whacked me – I took a deep breath, picked it up and threw it back with gusto. However, this time – the teacher saw it happen!!! She exclaimed how she never in her life would have expected ME – of ALL people – to misbehave in class! She said she was shocked and so VERY disappointed!!! Needless to say, I couldn’t believe my luck! The pain-in-the-neck boy had been pelting me for days, always totally unseen, and the one time I step out of character to bounce the eraser back – I get caught! It taught me a good lesson though…. Life ain’t fair! 😉




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  1. I really like the vintage style pictures that you put into your blogs and the title of your blog is very cute and whimsy 🙂

  2. Life really isn’t fair. I got in trouble for talking. I was quite the chatter box, but sometimes other students would ask me questions, and I couldn’t resist answering them.

  3. Kelly,
    Your story reminded me that when I was a kid, we weren’t supposed to talk once we went to bed for the evening. I can remember getting in trouble one night, because it was my voice that was heard giving a short answer to one of my siblings – who had been chattering non-stop before that! lol

  4. I was in trouble starting in kindergarten! I really liked to talk and being a child much younger than my brother and sister, I didn’t particularly
    enjoy sharing the toys. The “sorry chair” saw a lot of me! I won’t go
    into detail, but I never did anything very bad, but I was a little stinker.

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