Life Can Be So Unfair

The older I become, the more the words in today’s title ring true.

It’s a very tough time for one of our regular blog commentors, Carol. She’s part of the family here and I thought you might want to hold some positive thoughts or prayers for her.

Just a couple of weeks ago, her family had to say goodbye to a beloved dog, “Buddy”. He was close to all of them but especially to Carol’s daughter and to her grandson.

Then tragically yesterday, and so soon after Buddy, they lost another dear pet.

Carol’s favorite, her sweet dog “Jack”, became ill and slipped away.

She is heartbroken, as any one of us would be. It’s hard to imagine how difficult it will be for her family to accept both of these losses – especially with so little time in between them.

We are thinking of you, Carol, and sending many hugs.




Life Can Be So Unfair — 7 Comments

  1. Good Morning
    Your sentiments have brought tears to my eyes yet again this morning. Maybe this has hit me so hard because I am getting older. You, dear Crissie are a very much appreciated friend.

    I’m pretty much skipping the blog reading right now. Not much heart for it right now, but I did want to stop here. I read the title to you post and immediately thought of my situation but then moved on to think just a step farther. Regarding my Jack (Please read my post about him )

    Life was fair for Jack. It started out badly, even went further having to live in a rescue after being rescued. Then, the Universe brought me to him. A match made in heaven. Life became MORE than fair for him.

    Life was really fair for me. I found Jack shortly after losing my beloved Dino. I am so grateful for that. I am so very grateful to have known Jack. Though my heart is breaking because I miss him so much I know that one day I will only feel the love that I will remember we had for each other.

    Thank you Crissie, but you must remember there is always some good to be found and I WILL dwell on all the good that Jack brought to my life.
    Much love to you ALL today, and every day.

  2. Our animals bring us so much joy,such unconditional love.Im sorry for your loss Carol and will be thinking of you even as we are still coping with the loss of our own dog.
    Take care…XXX

  3. Carol,
    I wondered what happened since I have not seen any of your wonderful comments. I completely understand since I too have lost fur kids in the past. They are much loved memebers of the family and it hurts when you have to let one go.

    You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care.

    I don’t feel like celebrating today so I’m skipping the days. I’m going to go give my dogs a hug and an extra treat instead.

  4. Just read about Jack – what a personable and sweet-looking dog! So sorry to hear about your loss, Carol.

  5. My heart goes out to you and your family, Carol. I read your blog posting about your beloved Jack and want to thank you for sharing how his life turned joyful after finding you. Enjoy your memories of him.

  6. Oh Carol, I am so sorry. I have lost many and it never gets easier. I still tear up thinking of my beloved basset that I put to sleep last year. I try to remember all the good times and good years we had together.

    I know that it is hard, but you know in your heart that you did right by him and it sounds like he came into your life at exactly the right time. You both found each other for a reason.
    Take care.

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