Mothers and Daughters

Last weekend was Mother’s Day and my plan was to visit my Mum.

At the last minute, I had to cancel because I came down with some sort of bug. Not only did I feel miserable, I was also concerned about spreading the germ to my mother.

My daughter came to the rescue by visiting my mother for me!

She brought a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to her grandmother and they had a lovely visit. I felt better knowing that they were with each other that day – even though I couldn’t spend time with either one of them.

This past weekend, I finally got to deliver my Mother’s Day gift . . .

This is one of the bracelets I made a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t been able to photograph. It features dozens of Swarovski crystals, and is it ever dazzling as the light dances upon it!

It sure looks beautiful on Mum’s wrist. 😀


How was your weekend?




Mothers and Daughters — 5 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you got to give your mom that beautiful bracelet that you made. I hope you had a great visit with her.

    It was so nice that your daughter and mom got to spend some time together after you got sick. Flowers are one of those things that can really make someone feel special while chasing away the blues. They are lifting my spirits during all this rainy weather we are having, and its cold too. Today’s high was 54 degrees.

    Kouga dog and I went to blessing of the pets, and we also dropped off some great donations to the shelter that was at the church too.
    Yesterday, Scott and I celebrated chocolate chip day with a trip to the local ice cream parlor for some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cones.

    Today’s Celebrations:
    5/16 Wear Purple for Peace Day (this should make all the purple lovers happy. I will definately participating. We need peace on this planet!)
    5/16 Love a Tree Day (Everyone has a favorite kind of tree) Mine is an oak. I love those big shade trees. Do you have a favorite tree?

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I guess if I had to choose, I’d say a fir tree – probably a Blue Spruce. Although they’re popular as Christmas trees, if left alone to grow to full size; they’re a majestic sight in an otherwise bleak winter landscape.

    (You KNOW I’ll be wearing something purple) 😉

  3. I love the blossoms of the apple and cherry trees but I also love the willow.

    Hey Crystal – gorgeous bracelet. So nice that your daughter went to visit your Mom.
    My family came over to visit me and I cooked for all of them. normally I’d say I don’t want to cook but I enjoyed it and we all had a good time. You’ll never guess what my daughter bought me…….. crystals! They are fantastic.

  4. What a pretty bracelet! I know your mom was thrilled.

    My favorite tree is the mimosa tree. It is sort of a “scrub” tree that will grow and pop up anywhere, but I still like it. I love the color of the blooms (it blooms in early summer, pinkish coral) and they smell good too. I am not sure, but I think I have only seen it in the South?

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