Friday Favorites – For the Birds

Have the birds been singing in your neighborhood?

We have a few that think they’re opera stars!!!!! 😉

Although some do stay through winter, it’s always a special treat to see the birds returning here for the warm months. We feel lucky to have such a variety.

Among our favorites are the red-winged blackbird, the chickadee, the eastern bluebird, the cardinal, the goldfinch and the purple finch.

In addition, blue herons and mallards enjoy the little pond behind our house, and there’s usually a new family of baby ducks each spring!

Over the last couple of years, we’ve even had a pair of swans spend a night or two in the pond. Obviously, we’re a just a Motel 6 on their longer journey! 😉


So what birds like to hang out in your neck of the woods?




Friday Favorites – For the Birds — 3 Comments

  1. We have cardinals, blue jays and blue birds, owls, red tailed hawks, dark eyed junkos, quail, and gold finches.

    I noticed that our blue tailed skink lizards are out and about too.

    Today’s Celebrations
    5/13 Dance Like a Chicken Day (keeping with the bird theme today)
    5/13 Friday the 13th
    5/13 Leprechaun Day (because Leprechauns deserve a day all their own) Maybe the luck of the Irish will offset Friday the 13th.
    5/13 National Apple Pie Day
    5/13 National Fruit Cocktail Day

    Have a great weekend and Sunday you can celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day. Since it doesn’t say anything about the cookie, chocolate chip ice cream would work nicely.

  2. Happy Friday the 13th!
    Birds, birds, and more birds. That’s what I love. We have all the typical Midwest birds hanging out at our house. Presently Bluebirds, Robins, Wrens, Sparrows and Cedar Wax Wings have nests in the back. That’s all I’ve seen so far. The Hummers are back and visiting the flowers on the front deck that are waiting patiently to be planted. We have had a couple of new visitors this year. A pair of Grey Cowbirds have been visiting the front tree. Their call is very distrinctive. They almost sound like a cat meowing. They all make for peaceful, though musical, relaxation on the front deck, or at the pond in the back yard.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    xx, Carol

  3. I love listening to the birds 🙂
    Mind you it seems that my usual 2 weeks of seasonal allergies are now much worse so im itching and sneezing and staying indoors lol.

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