Summer Sparklers

Did you think I meant the kind of sparklers you light for the 4th of July? 😉

Well, they are quite festive . . . but I meant a different type of sparkler . . .

I’m talking summer jewelry!


Here’s a pretty bracelet for the upcoming season – created with the colors of the sea and as refreshing as a splash of cool water.

It’s no secret I’m addicted to bling. In fact, I don’t feel totally dressed without jewelry.

BUT, I am also a wimp when the summer temperatures soar.

If it’s hot, hot, hot – I’ll usually abandon my necklaces (I KNOW – Gasp!) and rely on a pair of dangle earrings and a showy bracelet as accessories.


How about you? Does the summer affect your choices in accessories?



Summer Sparklers — 5 Comments

  1. I love that bracelet.

    Summer means less jewelry – usually earrings. Sometimes a necklace but not often.
    I love scarves but not so much in summer.

  2. Good Morning.

    Thanks to all of Crissie’s kids. Your thoughts and well wishes mean a lot and really ARE comforting.

    Bling, Bling and More Bling. That just one of my mottos. Unfortunately, I don’t wear much jewelry in the winter. I always wear earrings and in the winter I stick with bracelets. Unlike you, Crissie, I wear necklaces in the summer along with rings, earrings and bracelets. I love summer jewelry. And nail polish. And hair accessories. I’m like the flowers…I bloom in the summer!
    xx, Carol

  3. I always wear more jewelry in the summer because I can see it better. I also run around with helmet hair or a do-rag so jewelry helps me look better. We will be going to Nebraska next Thursday for the state Harley rally, so I will definately be sporting jewelry.

    Carol, it was good to hear from you. I’m sending good wishes your way.

    Today’s celebrations:
    5/18 No Dirty Dishes Day (does this mean I don’t have to cook?)
    5/18 National Cheese Soufflé Day

  4. So beautiful!! It looks cool and perfect for a hot day.

    When I go out, I usually reach for a bracelet after putting on a ring and a watch. Necklaces… though I have lots of them, I wear a diamond heart on a tiny chain. I never take it off. A present from hubby so many years ago that I can’t even remember.

  5. So pretty! Love the way it catches the light.

    I am simple with my jewelry, wedding rings, small earrings, ponytail holder for my wrist. That’s it, unless I am going to a fancy occasion.

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