A is for Avatar

Because I’m always searching for ways to entertain you, it occurred to me to try a series that was a favorite in blogland several years ago, called: “ABC-Along”.

The idea is to periodically have a post that corresponds with a letter, in alphabetical order.

So, as you’ve guessed by now, today is: A. 😉


If you have been visiting here for a while, I’m sure you’ve noticed my banner/logo (above) and also my Avatar. But did you know that it was Sir Beads who designed them?


When I was setting up my website, and deciding on a name for my business, I chose a “fairy tale” theme as a way to tell our story.

Although he’s much too modest to admit it, Sir Beads has a real talent for art, so I asked him if he could draw a fairy for me . . .

Here’s an early prototype sketch:

And here’s a version getting close to the final design:

I think he figured that was all I wanted (LOL). But, oh no!

Next, I asked for the banner shown at the top of this page. In keeping with the fairy tale theme, you can see that the little fairy is sitting on a glass slipper filled with beads.


Here’s our original “glass slipper” – a photo, also by Sir Beads, which I currently use for my website bead store.


Eventually, I requested the Avatar and since then he’s done my business cards, blog buttons, labels, etc.

I’m so very proud of his work and it’s fun to have something unique!

Of course, the price was right, too. 😉




A is for Avatar — 5 Comments

  1. Sir Beads is talented, I worked in the printing/graphic arts business for 20 years so I know what I’m talking about! I love your unique Avatar and banner. I can come up with designs, but I cannot execute them, but my cousin can. He always helps me with Kouga’s costumes and other things I need. I’m truly blessed to have so many talented individuals in my life. I also married MacGyver who can fix almost anything on the planet.

    Today’s Celebrations
    5/19 May Ray Day (Celebrate and enjoy the warmer days of spring, thanks to the sun’s longer rays. Or just pay tribute to everyone you know named “Ray”)
    5/19 National Devil’s Food Cake Day (this is my husband’s favorite cake, I think I will make him some cupcakes today!)

  2. Good Morning
    Well, Kelly, I don’t know any Rays but I love the Sun so that’s what I’ll celebrate.
    Can’t do the chocolate thing because I made two pans of brownies last weekend that quickly disappeared. Corey is complaining that he has to get rid of his “Brownie Belly” before he competes again in June.

    Wow, I didn’t know Sir Beads is so talented. I often wonder if I could choose one artful talent, what it would be….sing, dance, or draw. Still don’t know. But I have always loved your artwork.

    Ok, go out there and celebrate the RAYS!!
    xx, Carol

  3. He is so creative! I really like your avatar and had wondered how it had come about.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    I had to create some posters for summer camp at the barn this week so I had Annelise help. She did a great job! It is really nice to have someone creative & artistic on your “team”!

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