Life Can Be So Unfair

The older I become, the more the words in today’s title ring true.

It’s a very tough time for one of our regular blog commentors, Carol. She’s part of the family here and I thought you might want to hold some positive thoughts or prayers for her.

Just a couple of weeks ago, her family had to say goodbye to a beloved dog, “Buddy”. He was close to all of them but especially to Carol’s daughter and to her grandson.

Then tragically yesterday, and so soon after Buddy, they lost another dear pet.

Carol’s favorite, her sweet dog “Jack”, became ill and slipped away.

She is heartbroken, as any one of us would be. It’s hard to imagine how difficult it will be for her family to accept both of these losses – especially with so little time in between them.

We are thinking of you, Carol, and sending many hugs.