Hi Kids,
It’s not like me to forget a holiday, but I did!

Here in Massachusetts, today is Patriots’ Day, which is a state holiday.

Sir Beads has the day off and we’re on our way out to do a little shopping, but I had to pop in to say hello, and also to ask the weekly question. đŸ˜€

Do you think too much or too little?




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  1. Have a great holiday, and let us know about the shopping trip.
    I have been told many times that I over think things, but I believe I if I do my research then I make better decisions. I don’t do so much thinking that I get stuck, I make the best decision at the time, and I move on.

    I want to thank everyone for the congratulations and kind words. I’m excited and a little scared all at the same time. I just have to work hard, do my best, and I’m sure I will be fine. I’m going to talk to them today, so I can get my classes scheduled and to thank them also.

    I hope everyone had a great weekend. Kouga dog and I went to the Bark for Life cancer research fundraiser. It was 44 degrees, cloudy, and very windy. We were lucky the rain held off till after the event. We still had a good time, even though there were not very many of us.

    Today celebrations include:
    4/18 International Juggler’s Day – also applies to multi tasking office workers
    4/18 Patriot’s Day (commemorates the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775)
    4/18 National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day ( I’m to chicken to try this)
    4/18 Animal Crackers Birthday (these are great dipped in chocolate frosting)

  2. Hey Kelly..I’m a juggler for sure. The bad thing is, lately I been throwing too many things in the air to catch. I am grateful that I have a home to come home to where I can relax and forget the last 8 hours.

    Crissie…really…shopping on a Monday? Lucky you. And lucky Sir Beads to have a day off. I love long weekends. Its like having a mini vacation, but when everyone else at work has the day off too, no work piles up. Gimme gimme gimme a long weekend too!

    Rain and snow mixed right now, but I’ll have a great day anyway and home you all do too.
    X, Carol

  3. I think way too much. I keep myself awake thinking about things for the next day, week, month. I like to have everything planned out before it happens.

    Enjoy your holiday & have fun shopping!

  4. It’s a windy day for those runners here on Patriot’s Day but the good thing is it’s not hot for them.

    I took my grand son shopping for shorts and tees yesterday – what a hoot. He’s 10. After the first store he was done – we had a couple of shirts and a used microscope. All he wanted to do was go home and play with the microscope. I did manage to get him to Old Navy and Penneys. And he got some nice stuff. I had to pay a bill at Victoria’s Secrets. We’re standing in line and his eyes are huge. He says to me “this is the ladies store.” I said yes, it’s a ladies store. No, he repeats ‘this is the Ladies store’ I figured he was embarrassed so I said yes, it’s a ladies store – underwear, perfume, lotions and that kind of thing. He says, no, grammy – at this point he leans close to me and whispers in my ear “this is the store with the hot chicks!”
    Oh, they do grow up too fast!

  5. Hi everyone.

    Put me in the Over Thinker column. I always spend too much time with the What If’s. I will research something too death!!

    Crystal, hope you and hubby had an enjoyable day shopping. What all did you get? Do tell.

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