What Weekend?

Is it Monday already?

The weekend certainly flew by. I wish I could report we were having fun – but we were immersed in our taxes. I’m sure if you look in a thesaurus for the opposite of “fun”, you’ll see the word “taxes”. 😉 But I won’t whine. A weekend is a weekend, after all!

Easter will be arriving towards the end of the month, so how about a holiday-related weekly question?

Do you have (or have you had) any particular Easter traditions?

While my kids were growing up, I loved to hide eggs for them. I used those colorful plastic eggs that open easily. I’d fill them with candy, tiny toys, and coins (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters). I always placed one in their slippers so they’d find it as soon as they got out of bed. The rest were spread all over the house.

When the girls were really young, we left Easter Bunny footprints for them to discover on Easter morning. Sir Beads and I could make some pretty impressive paw prints by dipping a few fingers in flour, and then pressing them here and there on a dark carpet or even the floor. The kids were enchanted to find “bunny tracks” in the living room and leading down the stairs.

Good times, for sure! 😀




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  1. Good Morning!
    First, let me thank you for my beautiful earrings. I really do love them and the color is perfect for a lot of my clothes. I usually do wear larger earrings, but since my hair is half way down my back now, I wear it up quite a bit and the earrings look great.

    O, Easter traditions! When Laurie was young we almost always went to church on Good Friday at noon to participate in The Way of The Cross. Also, on Easter morning we always hid eggs for Laurie, much like you did. The boys have always been at our house on Easter morning for the hunt. However, we used to hide large and smaller eggs. Each boy could only keep their assigned size so it was more fair for Ky. Believe me, those kids had just as much fun keeping it a secret that they had found the others egg because one of the rules was they could not devulge each other’s hidden egg locations. I miss those mornings!! But I can also tell you that those boys would be happy to continue to have those hunts. They are always up for a prize.

    Later Gaters. I’ll be back to find out what I can celebrate today besides a day off.

  2. I can remember searching for real eggs at my grandmother’s farm, there were lots of places to search for there! Once we found them all, my sister and cousins and I would take turns re-hiding them for each other. I used to love dyeing them as a kid, but now that I have kids, I realize how messy it is!!! My family is not a huge fan of hard boiled eggs anyway, so we have just done the plastic eggs with candy. Most of the time we hide them outside, unless the weather is bad. Only in the front yard, though! The dogs would love to find eggs, too, I’m sure. Although we have not hidden eggs the past few years, but maybe next year with Robert! I think he will be old enough by then. Everyone has their own Easter basket (even my husband and me) and somehow the Easter bunny knows just what candy is everyone’s favorite!

  3. We go to church and the youth group makes breakfast for everyone (VERY small church) and then we go a friend’s house for a late lunch and real egg hunt. Each egg is numbered and there is amount attached to each egg. Some eggs are 25 cents and others are up to $5.00. There are eggs that are worth a Bissengers chocolate bunny and each lady gets a flower.
    My dog Kouga and I do egg hunts for dogs. There are so many of these now, that they start this weekend. There are 2 on Saturday. Kouga can get the plastic eggs open and take the treats out without breaking the egg.

    Sorry I’m late today, I was so tired after working in the yard yesterday and then I had to be a work earlier today. I will post tomorrow’s days too since I will be working the election and I have to be there at 5am.

    4/4 Walk Around Things Day
    4/4 National Cordon Bleu Day
    4/4 Sweet Potato Day

    4/5 Go for Broke Day
    4/5 One Day Without Shoes Day
    4/5 National Caramel Day
    4/5 National Deep Dish Pizza Day

  4. We fill the plastic eggs with candy or very small toys. But one egg per child with that child’s name has a poem or saying inside. Each egg has an initial on it. You can only collect your eggs. So they love it when they find someone else’s egg and they have to keep it a secret. After all the eggs are collected, the oldest reads his poem or saying – which is the beginning of a treasure hunt. They have to go to location that is hinted at in the first clue (like : I am hiding in the place where you wash your clothes) after the 5th clue, they then find the Easter Basket. But they can’t open it – just bring it to all of us. Then child number 2 is sent on his way to find all his clues and finally his Basket. Then finally the third one. The youngest has fewer clues because she is little. When all three have their baskets, they can open and enjoy. It’s fun for the adults as we watch them figure out the clues and then run like crazy to the new place.

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