What Weekend?

Is it Monday already?

The weekend certainly flew by. I wish I could report we were having fun – but we were immersed in our taxes. I’m sure if you look in a thesaurus for the opposite of “fun”, you’ll see the word “taxes”. 😉 But I won’t whine. A weekend is a weekend, after all!

Easter will be arriving towards the end of the month, so how about a holiday-related weekly question?

Do you have (or have you had) any particular Easter traditions?

While my kids were growing up, I loved to hide eggs for them. I used those colorful plastic eggs that open easily. I’d fill them with candy, tiny toys, and coins (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters). I always placed one in their slippers so they’d find it as soon as they got out of bed. The rest were spread all over the house.

When the girls were really young, we left Easter Bunny footprints for them to discover on Easter morning. Sir Beads and I could make some pretty impressive paw prints by dipping a few fingers in flour, and then pressing them here and there on a dark carpet or even the floor. The kids were enchanted to find “bunny tracks” in the living room and leading down the stairs.

Good times, for sure! 😀