Show and Tell Tuesday


For this week’s Show and Tell Tuesday, I’m delighted to announce that there are three new “What’s on your Refrigerator?” photos! 😀

So, in the order received . . .

We have Clenna’s!

Clenna says: “I am so embarrassed about my fridge but I have to own up to it. On top left in basket– bibs (for grand daughter), Wet ones in the middle to grab and take with me when running out the door. On right – epipen for bee sting, recipes and behind that mess – cook books. Top left – coupons in baggies, cartoon with dog magnet, a notepad- which says “Dog HAS eaten” written this AM as I was heading out the door to work. Right side top – obituary of a dear friend, Southwest schedule – I returned last Monday night, pictures of grand kids, political cartoon. Below – middle on right side – article on upcoming Woman’s Expo, pix of engaged couple, another Golden Retriever magnet, another cartoon – we love humor! And lots of magnets for the grand daughter to play with.” 😀


Next, here’s Yona’s!

Yona says: “I know I’m late, but I couldn’t resist – had to share my fridge too even though it pales in comparison to the others. Mine is so boring, but here it goes: I have a Georgetown Bulldog magnet (my sweetie’s favorite team) and a dog with bone of my own that I got at the Dollar Store. My stepson’s basketball team spirit magnet. 2 graduation pictures (blurred because some people are Internet-paranoid). 3 magnets from Hawaii, including a hand-painted surfboard with my name and my sweetie’s name. Also, 3 Fortune cookie wrappers.”


And, here’s Allison’s!

Allison says: On the front, one door is Annelise and the other door is Robert.
On the side, there are random other pictures: more of Annelise, one of me on Luca, two of my old dogs that have passed away, an old horse of mine named Sleeper that has also passed away (pictured with my sister and me), lots of fun magnets and a research paper assignment sheet for Annelise. There is usually some of Annelise’s artwork, although none at the moment!”


This is so much fun! Thank you, Kids. 😀

You know I’m always delighted to showcase your photos on Show and Tell Tuesday.

Remember that the subject can be almost anything – people, pets, something you’re making, home repairs (in progress or finished), your garden, bargains you’ve found, holiday decorations, a scene in your hometown, last night’s casserole (with the recipe, please!), or something you choose!

If you’re worried about cropping or sizing, I can do that for you.

Send your photo(s) to: crystal (at) beadhappilyeverafter(dot) com




Show and Tell Tuesday — 7 Comments

  1. Hey guys, these pics are great! I’m sure our refigerator decor says something about each of us, but I wish I knew what. Wonder if a study has been done.

    Clenna, yours is an information center! When my daughter, then my grandsons, were young, I used to keep magnets they could play with too. They spent a lot of time designing their art.

    Yona, I like your’s a lot. Simple and uncluttered honoring those close to your heart.

    Allison, the side of yours, looks like mine only I didn’t send a pic of it.

    One thing is certain, refrigerators everywhere have become the center of information.
    I love your Show and Tell, Crissie.
    Have a great day.
    xx, Carol

  2. Thanks so much, Carol, for suggesting that everyone send their refrigerator pix after I posted mine! It made for a great show and tell!!!
    Hope your day was a good one!
    xo 🙂

  3. I think I take the prize for messiest! I want to be neat and I tell myself that over and over but it doesn’t happen. I love the neat fridges. Makes me envious.

    This was a fun ‘assignment’ – we all have to think of what common pix we want to do next. Maybe front door, bedroom or bureau.

  4. I have always wanted to get some of those word magnets where you can make up random silly phrases and stick them to the fridge.
    We used to have a BUNCH more magnets but Annelise took lots of them to school for her locker.

    This was so much fun!!

  5. Allison,
    I’ve looked at those word magnets in gift shops and wanted to get them too!
    Not sure why I never did. I suppose it was because I was shopping for a gift and figured I should stay on track! lol

  6. I too loved all the frig photos. The pictures of all the loved ones are great and I like Clenna’s idea of putting a schedule on it. I have never tried that. Thank you for all your kind comments about my decorations. Its funny I thought almost everyone decorated the frig for holidays. I guess I was wrong.

    I vote for the front door too.

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