Show and Tell Tuesday

Welcome to this week’s Show and Tell Tuesday!

Today, Michelle is sharing photos of her “furbabies”. She has 3 cats and a dog named “Crystal”! 🙂 I’ll let you read her words to describe them . . .

“My son rescued the 2 longhaired cats as kittens from the street; it was January in the snow. The poor things. I expected mangy flea ridden things when he asked to bring them home and instead he brought in these two amazing furballs.”

Eeyore is the grey, reminds me of a dumb bouncer or sports jock…not too smart. lol

Itachi means weasel in Japanese and he loves to steal pens and bring us toy mice as trophies. He swallowed some thread when he was 1 1\2 and we had to decide whether we could spend a fortune for an operation to save him. We did of course and he’s doing fine now but my craft/sewing room is off limits 🙂

The orange cat is O’malley, a rescue by my brother-in-law’s girlfriend, but then she found out she was allergic. He likes to sleep 23 out of 24 hours. When we accepted him he was infested with ear mites poor thing so we had him treated and now he wont leave my side when I sleep.

The lab is Crystal, named by my son when she was a puppy because she was “shiny and special”. For 12 years I ran a daycare and she would convert the non-dog lovers to the point that they would say “Hi and Bye” to her before me. She’s 13 now and on her last legs poor thing but hubby keeps hoping she’ll pass in her sleep so he doesn’t have to make the decision to take her to the vets.

They are expensive and are a nightmare for hair but they are also such a comfort when I am depressed or in pain from my fibromyalgia. Hubby even keeps the cat treats on his bedside table to treat them before we’ll go asleep. They are my furbabies 🙂 Kids and pets, both drive us crazy and steal our hearts!”

Thanks so much, Michelle. You sure have a bunch of cuties, there! 😀


How about you?

We’d love to see anything you’d like to share! 🙂

If you are worried about cropping or sizing, I can do that for you.

Send your photo(s) to: crystal (at) beadhappilyeverafter(dot) com




Show and Tell Tuesday — 7 Comments

  1. I loved seeing your furkids, they are all so cute. I understand just how special they are, mine seem to understand when I have a migraine, and are a real comfort. Aren’t they fun to snuggle with on a cold day or night?! I just look at dog hair as another condiment or a great accessory to that special outfit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good Morning!!
    Your family is pretty big, Michelle!
    My dogs are camera shy. I get the camera and …plop..down they go laying on their sides looking at me out of the corner of their eye. No hams here. All three of my dogs are the same age and toward the end of their lives. That future is a worry to me that I try not to think about.

    This is a nice feature Crissie. Now that I’m back in the groove, I’ll find something to share. Promise.

    xx, Carol

  3. Those cats and that lab are gorgeous! My Mazie (Golden Ret) is my best companion. She provides so much comfort.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love them! I know what she means by a not-too-smart cat; my mother had one a few years back, his name actually was DC (dumb cat). But he was the sweetest, friendliest kitty. My daughter could do anything to him & he would come back for more. The smart ones just run & hide.
    I have a soft spot in my heart for orange cats; I have had some really special ones. (Also tabbies, black cats & black /white cats. LOL, I have had a bunch of cats and I guess they were all special 🙂 )
    I feel for Michelle about her older lab. It is always hard to see your best friend for many years decline and it is so hard to know when the time is right for them to go. Is it too soon? Do they still have life left in them? Is it too late? Are they suffering? Hard questions to answer. I am still mourning the loss of my 14 year old basset that we put to sleep last summer. She was in kidney failure, so it was time. But it sure does not make it any easier.

    Michelle, thank you for sharing!

    Crystal, I will try to get you some new (smiling!) pictures of Robert. He is getting so big!!

  5. Aww, a dog named Crystal!! So sweet. I hope she isn’t in any pain.

    That picture of O’Malley is too funny. Looks like he can sleep anywhere!! I have never seen a collar on a cat.

    Very nice photos of your pets, Michelle. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. Oh Michelle, your babies are so adorable! What a sweet story…and their names are just as cute as they are!

    xo Paulette 😀

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