Monday Aready?

Whew! The weekend certainly flew by. Here I am back at the keyboard, but I haven’t finished putting the final touches on some blog posts I am planning for the future.

What to do? Well, I searched back to around this time, two years ago, and found a post you might like. As often happens, Carol has seen it before, but I’m hoping she won’t mind reading it again! (Love ya, Carol)

For my article called: “Saving Dollars . . . and Sense”, please click here




Monday Aready? — 7 Comments

  1. As I started reading, I also remember almost exactly what I answered.

    Two years later (can it really be TWO years!!) I realize that my oldest grandson does understand the value of saving so we have taught him well. However, his younger brother still has no concept of money. I found his wallet in the washer a week ago and put it in the hutch. I don’t think he even missed it yet! Maybe he will when he wants to use the money in it. ~lol~ He’s just a different kind of kid.

    We don’t have near as much money to spend today as we did even 2 years ago and the kids expenses mostly are paid by Terry and I. I think that has taught the older one a lot about just how far money can go. I think its by our example. Yes, we go out to eat once and a while, but we usually make that a morning treat because breakfast out is far less expensive than supper out. We also stress that we do all our errands at one time to save gas. Now that he is driving, he sure understands THAT.

    Have a great day Crissie!! and everyone.

  2. Carol,
    Isn’t it funny how siblings can be so different in some respects? I’ve noticed it with my own kids, too.
    It’s 0º here this morning so I can only imagine how cold it is where you are!
    You have a great day, too! 🙂 xo

  3. I have to admit I find money in purses and pockets all the time. But mine is sheer absent mindedness. I hustle and bustle around and shove the change in my pockets or in a corner because I’m in a rush. But what a wonderful surprise when I find that money!
    It’s like Christmas.

  4. I always put my change in a bank and then when it gets full, I roll it and take it to the bank. I always keep a little mad money on hand for things that I want to do or buy, but I don’t go into debt for extras.

    This weeks celebrations include: (and people say there is nothing to do in January)
    1/ 24 National Lobster Thermidor Day
    1/24 Beer Can Appreciation Day
    1/24 Compliment Day (I made sure I complimented a friend today)
    1/25 National Irish Coffee Day
    1/26 National Pistachio Day
    1/26 Cockroach Race Day ( I will not be participating or celebrating this day.)
    1/27 Chocolate Cake Day
    1/27 Punch the Clock Day
    1/28 Fun at Work Day
    1/28 National Blueberry Pancake Day

  5. Gosh, it’s getting harder and harder to save anything! I empty all the change in my wallet into an old plastic coffee can whenever my purse seems like it weighs a ton hanging on my shoulder. I’m always amazed at how much lighter it is afterwards!
    Your Gram sounded like such a wise, sweet lady!

    xoxo Paulette

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