Friday Favorites

I miss the weekly question!

It’s been a while since we’ve had one.

Many of you have told me that you enjoy answering them, so I thought for this week’s Friday Favorites, I would ask – three! πŸ˜€

(I’ll answer them in the comments section later today.)

And if you have a question that you’d like me to ask the group in a future post, email it to:

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1. What shape is your table – the one where you eat your meals – oval, round, square, or rectangular?

2. Have you ever been on a subway train?

3. Can you use chop sticks?


You know I send a hug with every blog post, but since today is National Hugging Day (Thanks Kelly, for the heads-up!) – I’ll be sending extra hugs to all! πŸ˜€

See ya Monday!

Hugs + extra hugs,



Friday Favorites — 9 Comments

  1. The shape of my kitchen table is square where we eat everyday, but I have an oval dinning room table that seats 8 which is perfect for company.
    There were subway type trains in Germany, and in St. Louis there is an above ground train called a Metro link. I’m not sure if either one of these really count.
    I cannot use chopsticks, I just make a mess. I’m really good at making a mess, I truly don’t need any help in that department. Hubs even teases me about how good I am at making messes.
    I love National Hugging Day, I hope everyone has a great celebration today.
    Hugs Back, Crystal

  2. Good Hug Day Morning!!
    Well, we have a booth in our dining room. The table is rectangle. That is our everyday place to gather to eat, play games and spread out whatever paperwork needs to be done. The kids chose the booth over a dining room table. We rarely need a larger table anymore.

    I have never been on a subway. However I have road the L in Chicago many times. We always have called it the L. I don’t even know its formal name but its the overhead train that gave the downtown its name “The Loop” because thats where the L turns around to go back to the start.

    I am just flat out not coordinated enough to use chopsticks, except to stick them through my hair to hold a “bun”. My grandkids laugh at me all the time because I can’t use them and they can. They also kid me because everytime they go to a chinese resteraunt I ask them to bring me chopsticks.

    And, I am sorry, I can’t refrain ~ GO BEARS!!

    Double Hugs to everyone!!
    xx, Carol

  3. Table: rectangle, seats 8 – so all my family can enjoy and be together.

    Subway – oh yeah! I go into Boston every couple of months. I drive to the station in Lexington, get on the T (our subway – Metropolitan Transit Authority – MTA or just T).

    Chopsticks – if I have to but like Kelly I am messy and that rice – man!

  4. My table is rectangular, and I love it. It has two big leaves that fold down, so that it can be as narrow as a foot, or long enough to fit 6 people! I found it in my grandparents’ garage, and it’s beautiful.

    I live near Washington, DC so I definitely have used the subway (called metro here!). I love riding on public transportation because I can knit while I travel.

    I can use chopsticks. They’re not as easy as a knife and fork, but my favorite Chinese restaurant laughs at you a little bit if you request a fork.

  5. My table is rectangular.

    I have been on subways in several different cities.

    I cannot use chopsticks (unless they put them together with a rubber band like they do for the kids πŸ™‚ )
    We have snow today for the 2nd time in less than 2 weeks; really rare for the South. My daughter has missed 3 1/2 days of school for snow days. (Although I am sure you Northern folks would laugh at us for cancelling school for such paltry amounts!)
    Everyone gets so excited for snow; there are sad, pitiful Southern-kid snowmen in nearly everyone’s yard. (For those of you in the North, a Southern-kid snowman is lumpy, with leaves, grass, sticks and mud mixed in with the snow. There is also no remaining snow on the ground in your yard or in the neighbors’ yards, since when you only get 2″ of snow, it takes everything to make a snowman!)
    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs to all!

  6. We have a giant rectangular table that seats 8 easily…hubby likes to cook for a crowd lol
    Yep ive been on subway train in London and in Montreal :)They always make me nervous though.
    I can use chopsticks but not really well so i always ask for a fork just in case….love sushi though!

  7. Hey Kids!
    GREAT answers! πŸ˜€

    I’m so glad to hear that I have a lot of company when it comes to using chopsticks. I am just no good at it. In fact, I’ve joked that using them would be a good diet plan for me – since I’m never able to get very much of the food to my lips!

    Born and raised in Boston, I spent a lot of time on the subway growing up. We definitely had a love/hate relationship with it. We loved the convenience of being able to travel with ease as kids. We didn’t need to wait for a parent to drive us to the library, or into “town” (downtown Boston) to shop, or to the art museum. We thought the train was fun even on days it was so full – there wasn’t a seat! Standing and holding onto a strap was a thrilling challenge. We learned to have the balance of a gymnast, as we held on tight through the train’s sharp turns and lurching stops. But, we hated that during the hottest days of summer, the overhead fans were always running full blast with air that was even HOTTER. (Or at least it seemed that way!) We also hated to be waiting in freezing conditions for “behind-schedule” trains to show up. Ah, memories! πŸ˜‰

    Our table is round. We’ve had it since we first got married. I love that everyone else seems close to you when seated – so it’s easier to have a group conversation! πŸ˜€

  8. Interesting questions….

    We have a round glass table with four chairs in the kitchen area. We eat there for most of our meals. On special occasions we eat in the dining room. The table is rectangular and has two leaves.

    Rode the subway once while on a weekend trip to New York City. I think I may have mentioned it here. Hubby was pickpocketed during that most enjoyable ride.

    I admire people who can actually eat using chop sticks. I have tried and tried. I guess my fingers are not coordinated enough. If wrapped with rubber bands, I can manage to scoop up a few bites. Not a pretty sight. πŸ˜€

  9. Fun…I love answering questions!

    1. What shape is your table – the one where you eat your meals – oval, round, square, or rectangular? Our table is rectangluar. We eat in the dinning room as the cooking area of the kitchen no longer has a table.

    2. Have you ever been on a subway train? Yep, and I don’t like them…I hate being underground. I prefer riding the Long Island Railroad! πŸ˜‰

    3. Can you use chop sticks? Nope! … Your answer made me laugh!

    xoxo Paulette πŸ˜€

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