They’re Thieves I Tell Ya

Cue up the music from “Jaws”!

Da da… da da… da da da da da da da da da da daaaaa!

(I’m trying to set a theatrical tone here.) 😉

Have you noticed?

Are you aware?

of the incredible… shrinking… food!?!?



Well, ok, it’s not that dramatic, but it sure is a trend that knows no limits!

For years, I’ve been noticing that crackers and the cookies seem to be decreasing in size. Boxes of cereal seem lighter and even ice cream sandwiches are losing weight. 😉

But yesterday, I was totally taken aback to discover that one of my very favorite snacks is just a shadow of its former self. Imagine my dismay when I tore open a yummy crunchy granola bar,

and saw that it barely filled half of its little package/sleeve!

Immediately, I assumed it was a mistake – an “irregular”!

I checked the rest of the bars in the box and discovered . . .


Oh the horror! The disbelief! What is going on???


It’s a sneaky way of raising prices. They think they’re fooling us – that we won’t notice we’re paying the same amount for less product!

Well, I’m on to them (and I know you are too!).

Luckily . . .

there is a silver lining . . .

We’re saving calories! 😉




They’re Thieves I Tell Ya — 7 Comments

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean!! I have been complaining to hubby about the downsizing of many products we regularly purchase. I have even threatened to start a writing campaign and stop buying said product.

    What makes me the maddest are soap bars. Have you noticed a huge chunk is now scooped out. Not a solid full bar any longer. And it isn’t one manufacturer. I have noticed “it” on 3 different brands.

    It makes the bar harder to hold onto in the shower and I frequently have to bend over to pick it up. 🙁

  2. Crystal you are too funny – Miss Drama!
    I have noticed this in cereal boxes – high prices but smaller boxes!

  3. Sweet Crystal…You always have a way of looking at the bright side of things!

    You’re right, things are shrinking…even the laundry detergent bottles have shrunk. It’s supposed to be “ultra” now, and we can use less…I end up putting twice as much in!

    … And speaking of laundry…our old faithful washing machine broke, so we ran out and bought a new “energy efficient” one. I thought it would use less electricity, but it uses less water! I can’t believe how little water goes into that machine…it just doesn’t make sense. Frank connected a hose to the laundry room sink, so I can add a couple of buckets worth of water to that darn machine every time I do the wash. I even called the company asking if we could change the water setting, and they said no! I want my old broken machine back! Good grief! xoxo Paulette

  4. I thought I posted but it seems to have disappeared. Oh well, here we go again.

    Coffee comes in the same size can, but there are less ounces in it. I don’t drink coffee, but my friends who do say that coffee was the first to do this. McDonalds even got rid of their 44oz sodas so now you pay $1 but you get less soda. Thankfully the gas station still has 44oz for 72 cents.

    Off topic, Happy National Underwear day, everyone. It is also National work like a dog day (my dogs don’t work, in fact their idea of work is hunting for stray crumbs) and National waffle day.

  5. I thought with your shark intro. that you were going to talk about
    Shark Week! I haven’t noticed that much difference in the amount
    of food in the packages…

  6. Crystal!! Sorry, you got it wrong!! I does NOT mean LESS calories…it means MORE because that little bar does not satisfy so you take another!! AND not only do I have to buy one box, I have to buy a second so there will be enough to go around because of the two takers!!


    xx, Carol

  7. I know I’ve looked at groceries and asked my husband “does this look smaller to you?” He usually just thinks I’m going nuts! Now I have PROOF!

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