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  1. ah, you are so lucky.
    I have many memories of makin’ with my daughter. As she became a teen, I felt her slippin’ away, the way teens do. So, there was a little shop in Goshen Indiana that I loved and I loved the owner. She used to have a clay artist come in once a month and have a class. I thought that was an excellent opportunity to spend time with Laurie. Her creativity outshone me in every single one. That girl will not admit that she has talent and I wish she had the inclination to nurture it.

    We’ve made a lot of memories….and lots of them of her whining “Mom, do we have to go to the craft store!” ~lol~

    Have a great day, Crissy. It’ll be stormin’ here again today!

  2. Another saying that I like is “Bank Memories”
    I enjoyed your article on you and your daughter – what fun. There’s nothing like a daughter to share silly times.

  3. What a great memory for you and your daughter. Making something beautiful together can help forage powerful bonds.
    My neice and I made a turkey out of a bowling pin for charity and she cannot wait till we can do it again this year. We also make cookies for our church’s cookie sale. I’m so thankful to have this special young lady in my life.

    I’m sure you look forward to the day you get to see your daughter again. Please let us know all about it.

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