Many Happy Returns

It’s his birthday…

But each year, I feel as if I’ve received the gift – having him in my life! 😀

My heart can’t help but cherish the day my soul mate arrived on earth.

This year is one of those “milestone” birthdays for Sir Beads.

How many candles? Well, let’s just say he’s close to retiring. Though to look at him, you might not believe it.

What’s a birthday without a favorite dinner?

The guy loves ribs so we went to a place that prepares them just right . . . and with plenty of napkins. 😉

Next, he chose something that is not traditionally a birthday dessert – strawberry shortcake! It was soooo good and the slivered almonds were a nice touch.

My birthday is just around the corner….

I may just have to go for the shortcake this time, too. 😀




Many Happy Returns — 11 Comments

  1. Doing something untraditional for a birthday is often more meaningful than the regular same-old-thing.
    It’s interesting that your birthdays are close together. The funniest couple I can recall (and actually best matched) was a couple who had birthdays on the same day and year. They remained married “forever” until he passed away.

  2. Yum! Yum! Yum! Ribs is mah verrry fave!!! With baked potatoe and tons of butter and sour creme. My favorite place to get them…The Rib Shack..closed a few months ago. I miss them so much!

    I know you guys had a great day.

    Happy Belated, Mr. Beads!! uhhh is that a spot on your shirt?

    xx, Carol

  3. I just had a birthday too! We had a steak dinner and a glass of wine. Very relaxing and delicious!

    Happy Birthday to you two.


    Friday birthdays are just the best!…now you two have an entire weekend to continue eating yummy strawberry shortcakes! YAY!!!!

    Have a really, really, fun birthday weekend!!!

    xoxo’s Paulette

  5. Happy Birthday!! I wish Crystal and Sir Beads many more birthdays together. Congratulations and I hope you enjoyed every moment.
    In my family birthdays are celebrated for a week. You don’t get gifts everyday, but you get treated like royality for a week. My husband was quick to adopt this tradition after he married me.

    By the way today is National Lasagna day!!! I got a cute email from a buddy.

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