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  1. Does the front porch count since it’s a step away from the front door and inside?? I have a rocker on the front porch which has a veranda-kind of roof–I rock and read when the weather permits.

  2. Your little corner looks divine. I love the tea cups and the little wagon. I have a secretary desk that is from a great aunt which I love too. It’s probably the one item that I wouldn’t let “Clean House” get rid of (if they ever came to my house!)

  3. Oh, I remember this post well.

    There is no special corner for me!! When the boys moved in, I made sure to put my special things away. As good as they are and as soft as nerf balls are all corners are danger zones. O, don’t say I should make them behave and no ball throwing in the house. That’s hard to enforce when Papa says OK when they want to play ~lol~ Even my dogs are boys!!

  4. your special place is as special as you are, crystal!!! what a treasure your tea cart is, and looking so dressed up with all of your gorgeous little tea cups!!! and i love all of your houses up on that high shelf, too!!! happiness all over the place!! xox, 🙂

  5. I’d love to have a special corner of some sort, but our house is so jam packed with things that it’s really just clutter in each corner. We’re renting from friends so they have some stuff stored here, hopefully when we get our own home I’ll have a little more room to make some special areas 🙂

  6. Posted on the wrong post, so I’m reposting here.

    We have a spare bedroom, I have all my teddy bears sitting on a hope chest my husband bought for me before we got married. The bed is an antique iron bed and I have antique child’s toys and an old school desk in that room. It looks so cute and it brings peace to me after a crazy day.

  7. That looks like a perfectly, girly, special spot, to me! I LOVE your teacups, and that cart is just so pretty! How nice it must be to sit there and dream!

    xoxo Paulette 🙂

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