Friday Favorites – Lasagna!

I‘ve never met any kind of pasta that I didn’t like, but lasagna has always been a particular favorite.

One of our sweet commenters here, Kelly, mentioned that yesterday was National Lasagna Day.

I never knew there was a special day for it . . .

but great idea! 😀

I think I’ll celebrate this weekend. If you’d like to join the fun but aren’t in the mood for the prep time required for traditional lasagna, I have two quickie recipes for you!

Click here to read my post with my fave “go-to” recipe for a busy day.

And check the recipe box on the right for Kelly’s!


Happy Weekend, Kids!

See ya Monday with the new giveaway for August and, of course, a new question. 😉




Friday Favorites – Lasagna! — 8 Comments

  1. Oh, I’m going to have to try your la-ziti recipe. It looks so good. This was a fun post. I will try to find some other holidays for next month.

    Here is another lasagna recipe but it is for dessert.
    Mixed Fruit “Lasagna”


    •1 pkg (3.5oz) Instant vanilla pudding & pie filling
    •1 cup whipped dessert topping
    •2 cans (15-1/4 oz. each) DEL MONTE® Fruit Cocktail, , drained
    •4 oz granola
    •½ cup raspberry or strawberry jam

    Prepare pudding according to package directions. Fold dessert topping into pudding. Layer fruit, pudding mixture, granola and jam in tall glass. Repeat layers.


  2. Good, count down to vacation, Morning!!

    This is a great recipe. Ky’s favorite dish is Lasagna so I make it about once a month. We eat it meatless, because we are just that way. AND I always make two batches. One with tomato sauce and one with crab and white sauce and if zuccini is in season it’s great in there too. I ALWAYS use Barrilla boiless noodles now. So easy. Throw it together and pop in the oven. The hardest part is the wait.

    Have a super duper weekend!!
    xx, Carol

  3. Hey Kelly Ann T – your fruit lasagna looks awesome!

    Now I’m going to be craving lasagna!

    Did you know that Thursday’s are Twin Lobster Day at the Weathervane for $15.99!!!

    That’s where I was last night! It was great.

  4. Clenna, that sounds awesome. I like lobster, crab, fish, all seafood really. I’m in Missouri, pretty far to go to the Weathervane for dinner, but then again stranger things have happened.

    Enjoy the fruit lasagna and have a great weekend.

    My husband likes the lasagna with chocolate pudding and bananas instead of the fruit cocktail. He adds hot fudge instead of the jam and vanilla wafers in place of the granola. Not as healthy but it is real good too.

  5. One of my bests “tweeks” of a lasagna recipe is using a white sauce instead of red and chicken instead of beef. It’s a nice change from the standard recipe.

  6. Kelly Ann – I was in Branson, MO not too long ago. That’s a interesting place. Very busy and full of talent. Beautiful views and country. Looks a lot like our NH mountains.

  7. I’m glad you enjoyed Branson. We have gone for my birthday in December. It is so pretty that time of the year. Take Care

  8. Oh gosh Crystal…how I love lasagna just oozing with yummy cheeses…my mouth is watering! xoxo Paulette 😉

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